Yoga Art

Carl Jung said that Yoga is the greatest thing ever devised by the human mind. It is a creative technology and ecstatic methodology. It is the means by which we can arrive at the perfect present, dynamic in equipoise, passionate and compassionate. Our fine prints present Ana Brett as the embodiment of discipline and grace memorialized in a moment of time and timelessness by Ravi Singh's poetic eye. We are excited to introduce our series of Raviana Yoga Art. Adorn your walls with inspiration. Power your practice and grow your soul.

  • Wide Leg Stretch

    Ground down and stabilize. Ride the breath and realize. Extend yourself beyond what you thought was possible for you. The term asana or pose means to abide. Also seat. Through all weathers, the mind's fluctuations, time and tide, ride the breath and simply abide.

  • Anahata

    Anahata is the soundless sound. The hidden music that all of Creation dances to. It refers to our Heart Chakra. Through our love we can hear the pentimento, the words behind the words being said. We realize that everyone wants validation and simply to be heard. We hear the symphonic whispers of the ancient ones and draw upon that deep wisdom to inform our path and puropse.

  • Mudra

    The word mudra translates as seal. Through these hand and body positions we seal specific effects into our consciousness. Mudras are more than symbolic. These gestures direct energy along certain lines and/or stimulate specific energies and/or areas of the brain or psyche. This mudra is an antenna for the Third Eye to help us know the unknown and see the unseen.

  • Standing Prayer

    Prayer Pose creates a neutral space, a vacuum for the Universe to fill. The ultimate prayer is not for ourselves but to ease the pain of the world.

  • Ana Halo

    Meditation is a must in the context of life as we know it. To meditate is to mediate between all disparate impulses unto one over-riding one: the will to be Infinity. Meditation is becoming one with the object of our focus. May our focus be focus itself. May we find our center and let that be our pivot point. May we annoint ourselves with the beautiful Names and the bountiful, healing breath. May we remember to remember that by learning to simply be we can truly be happy. May happiness emanate from us to everyone within our sphere. May we walk the world calm and bright and clear.

  • Listening

    This pose is attributed to Milarepa, the great Tibetan yogi. In our yoga practice we learn to listen with our entire body. We hear the whispers of the ancient ones. The beating heart of all creation. The eternal Teachings that have been transmitted from guru to disciple since before time was. We also listen to our own words and thoughts to be accountable and aware. All that is flashed into form through a Divine utterance. As we tune in to that eternal echo we become the Universe, a co-creator to benefit all beings.

  • Life is Love

    The meaning of life rests in what we have made sacred. A sense of the sacred requires conscious commitment, a sense of discipline, and love as the driving force in everything we do and are. A sense of the sacred begins with our willingness to grow gratitude breath by breath. Conscious breathing is a direct line to the Divine!

  • Leg Up

    It's said that we store our karma in the backs of our legs and that tightness in the backs of the legs indicates fear of flying, a metaphor for the unwillingness to take a leap out of the familiar and into the realm of all possibility. The yogis call the sciatic nerve the "Life Nerve." It's the longest nerve in our nervous system. It's said that if we lengthen our Life Nerve every day we can lengthen our life. The bladder meridian also runs up the backs of our legs. There's a point for every system and organ along this corridor. Try this pose with Long Deep Breathing or Breath of Fire.

  • Healing Hands

    This Meditation gives the ability to heal at a distance, heal through touch, and heal ourselves. Elbows at base of ribs. Forearms angled forward slightly. Flex your hands at the wrist so that your palms are parallel to the floor. Your fingers are angled 45º to the outside. This is not a passive pose. Accentuate this hand position so that you feel a slight strain in your forearms and wrists. Your eyes are 10th open looking down and in towards the tip of your nose. Think of a person whom you'd like to heal. Inhale deeply and chant Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. It's an 11 beat cycle.

  • Fierce Focus

    It's been said that discipline is remembering what we want. Fierce focus is laser-like quality of mind. Nerves of platinum as a bulwark against every form of distraction. A white leotard. Pink sneakers. Accentuated will and the moment-to-moment cultivation of thouroughly unbending intent.

  • Aura

    Our aura is the real time light show of all that we are: mind, emotions, vitality and soul. May we live our colors in fullness and brightness. May we drop all pretense. May we purify and sanctify the past residue of unintentional living. May we be victorious in Self over every limitation of self. May we fly the beautiful banner that depicts our soul purpose and creative essence. May we shine and be divine!

  • Lighthouse

    May our expanded radiance and intution prompt us to be beacons for the world as we navigate personally and collectively to a higher order of being.