Healing Hands

Healing Hands

This Meditation gives the ability to heal at a distance, heal through touch, and heal ourselves. Elbows at base of ribs. Forearms angled forward slightly. Flex your hands at the wrist so that your palms are parallel to the floor. Your fingers are angled 45º to the outside. This is not a passive pose. Accentuate this hand position so that you feel a slight strain in your forearms and wrists. Your eyes are 10th open looking down and in towards the tip of your nose. Think of a person whom you'd like to heal. Inhale deeply and chant Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. It's an 11 beat cycle. Ra Ma Da Sa are one beat each. The "Sa" is clipped. Pause a beat. Then chant Sa Say So Hung, one beat each. Beats 10 and 11 are the inhale. Do this Meditation for 11-31 min. To end inhale deeply, hold this position and send energy to the person you've chosen to heal. Say the mantra to yourself. Do this ending part twice more. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung translates as: Sun Moon Earth Infinity I am that Infinity I below to and contain. These are the constituent sounds of the Universe. There are many miracle stories associated with this Meditation. Rock this practice and create some of your own!

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