Yoga Art

Carl Jung said that Yoga is the greatest thing ever devised by the human mind. It is a creative technology and ecstatic methodology. It is the means by which we can arrive at the perfect present, dynamic in equipoise, passionate and compassionate. Our fine prints present Ana Brett as the embodiment of discipline and grace memorialized in a moment of time and timelessness by Ravi Singh's poetic eye. We are excited to introduce our series of Raviana Yoga Art. Adorn your walls with inspiration. Power your practice and grow your soul.

  • Emotion to Devotion

    Wherever we put our mat down there we are. Ready to take a stand against self-perceived and learned limitations.

  • Transformation

    Maintain this mudra with your thumbs touching your diaphragm. Chant Wahay Guru, the ecstatic recognition of breakthrough to the unlimited you, up to 40x per breath. Upon mastering this Meditation you will be in a prime position to bring solace and serenity to those who psyche and nervous systems have been overwhelmed by the current pressures of time / space. Master this and become a conduit for the dispensation of Grace.

  • Pose of All Saints

    What gift can we offer to the One who not only has everything, but is in fact everything? And who gave us the means to find freedom and joy? The answer is our negativity, our doubts, our fears, and our conscious and unconscious suffering. To that Royal Being those gifts are priceless. Offer yourself up like a prayer. Join the Holy Line of the Saints and Sages of the Ages who honored Spirit through their self-excellence and commitment to consciousness. In this pose our body is the great vehicle and we are on a joy ride into the vastness of Self.

  • Blue

    Lunge Pose is a great hip opener. It simultaneously works on strengthening and stretching the hips which is the most effective way to work. Our hips relate to forward momentum. Moving towards fulfillment. The pulse of life and the Universe is the rhythm between taking in and reaching out. Accepting nourishment and cultivating the fearlessness to ask for what we want. Yoga is a creative technology whereby we can choreograph our life to this ubiquitous beat.

  • Sat Kriya

    This has been called the Supreme Kriya. Sat Kriya can effectively address our most stubborn blocks. Those old traumas and tendencies that are hard-wired into our psyche. It activates all of the chakras. It helps us to be true doers. It keeps us elevated and inspired. It does nothing less than kick out the jams! When Ravi was first starting Kundalini Yoga he was impressed by certain qualities in the Kundalini Yogis he met. It was the ability to be elevated and expansive and powerfully present and focused at the same time.

  • Dove Pose

    We assume this pose when chanting the Beautiful Names which are the names of the Infinite and the qualities and capacities of the All. Our physical yoga practice is the main course in which we offer up our body as a form of praise. Chanting with our hands in Dove Pose is dessert, treated as we are to the sweetness of Self.

  • Adi Shakti

    Adi Shakti translates as Primal Power, synonymous with the Creative and Eternal Feminine. The upward raised and rounded arms signify the Universal Womb that contains everything manifest in Creation. This pose represents one of the most ancient forms of body prayer.

  • Maha 2

    When we hold the breath out we create a vacuum that the Universe fills, our deepest fears that swirl around the fear of death confront us. Through the practice of this exercise we begin to realize on the most fundamental level that even beyond the breath we are that we are and that forever. Fears clear and self-doubt is cast out!

  • Maha 1

    Maha Mudra translates at the great seal of yoga. It activates the shushumna, the central energetic pathway of the spine for spontaneous healing and a dimensional leap from the mundane to the miraculous!

  • Upward Mobility

    This is a pose of victory. It trains us to be stable and fierce in our focus. As we ground down we are also elevating, directing ourselves to a higher order of being.

  • Sedona

    This mudra is practiced to invoke the energy of the sun. The material sun is also an energy sun and each of us is a solar cell.

  • Pink Garden

    We live simultaneous lives through all dimensions of being. Pink is the color of Divine Love. May we be pure conduits for that ever-present flow. May our love radiate through all worlds. May our practice be our prayer. May it protect and empower.