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Ravi Singh Online Classes

Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: 12:30 - 1:45 EST / 9:30 am PST
$12 per class / $120 per month / paypal: / Venmo: ravi-singh-60 ( for password)

Zoom Link for classes:

Kundalini Yoga and the Secret Science of Mudra

1-3:30 EST / 10 - 12:30 PST / 6 - 8:30 UK
$22 / e-mail for registration info

Kriya-tive Writing - Your A Genius All the Time with Ravi Singh & Sharon Mesmer

Via Zoom
1-3:30 pm EST / $22
Paypal: / Venmo: ravi-singh-60 / or "donate" tab on this website
Creative writing sparks the realization that the Universe is made of language and speaks to and through us. “Kriya-tive writing” allows us to go even further: to leave our known worlds behind and Kundalini kriyas to access the secret door in our psyche that opens onto the whole Universe. Yoga helps us gather courage and energy for great leaps, discover resonance and magic in every moment, and get out of our own way. Writing creatively shows us where our blocks are, where we're afraid, where we can safely let go of fear and self-doubt. Accept this invitation to a playdate with the Universe! Let Sharon and Ravi show you how Kundalini Yoga + creative writing can open your skyblue chakra! Discover how to follow your own poetic progression in ways both fun and fearless. Poets: No impossible poses! If you can breathe you can do it.