Mark Beck


Mark Beck is the first to admit that he has been guided through his short 7 year experience with Kundalini Yoga. Mark says; “When I initially found Ana and Ravi’s Beginners and Beyond DVD I was a, success at any cost, business owner looking for simple pain and stress relief. I would have never believed I would become a 500 RYT and have the opportunity to assist Ana and Ravi in their Springfield classes. I feel Spirit has something big planned for me. Who am I to resist.”

Throughout the training Mark was pulled to the Spiritual connecting side of Kundalini Yoga. So much so that he started a humorous and witty monthly letter called “My Guiding Spirit” documenting his encounters with Spirit.

Today you will find Mark working on his website: His mission is to bring prosperity and wealth into one’s life through Spirit. He requests that you join him there or on Facebook and sign up for his free monthly letter.

Sat Nam


United States