Linda Wesson

Linda tells us, "I am certified in Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga. Experienced as an educational leader in public schools and universities for more than fifty years, I changed my life’s direction after a yoga and spiritual retreat in the Himalayas. I was accompanied by my son and we returned the next summer for more training. Both of our paths changed with this experience. Yoga has opened my life in ways i never thought were possible. After my first yoga class with Ravi and Ana, I was told, “You are going to be happier than you have ever been.” This has proved to be true, and I want to give to others what I truly believe has been one of my greatest gifts. Yoga classes are doing well here (Fayetteville, Arkansas); i have the intent to bring yoga to one of the poorest counties in the state-my home town. I have been teacher here for 3 years and the classes have increased in number and enthusiasm. Teaching is a blessing for me and I am amazed how young it is keeping me-picture taken recently at age 75. but the physical part is not what is important to me. Through a lot of discipline, study and meditation, i have been able to see and be more clearly who I am and that is my real blessing and I don’t think it would have happened without the yoga practice.Much love to you both, linda
United States
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