Cheryl Hemmert


Cheryl Hemmertf Finds great joy in sharing her energetic practice. "I love how vibrant, radiant and alive it makes me feel. " Teaching techniques to help not only attain but to sustain a higher level of energy, happiness and sense of stability. Cheryl was the aerobic program director for World Gym and won the 1990 Body Building title for Ms Vancouver- All Natural and studied Tibetan Buddhist meditation on The Big Island of Hawaii at the Nechung Temple in Wood Valley, where she lived for 13 years before moving to Springfield where she took her first Yantra Yoga class with Lama Lobsang. She also trained in Buddhist Theravada meditation with Aya Dipa, Tantra Yoga at Teach to Inspire, and most recently Kundalini Yoga with Ana Brett and Ravj Singh. Her favorite quote is "the body is the physical manifestation of enlightenment if you can learn to actualize it".

Springfield, MO
United States
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