Rebecca Hahn


Rebecca Hahn is a dancer, yogi, therapist and executive and transformational coach. She comes to us with over 20 years experience in the healing and expressive arts and behavioral sciences. She has just launched her most powerful and grandest offering-all her life's work in one place. Minding Your Business Coaching focusing on the science of mindfulness practices, neuropsychology and the creative process of manifestation. She is beyond excited to assist you in bravely shining your light in the world. She is a certified Teacher and has taught a unique blend of Tantric Hatha and Kundalini Yoga for most of her adult life. She received her Master’s Degree in movement centered psychotherapy (D/MT) from UCLA in 1999, holds the highest registry with the National Dance Therapy Association and is a Psychology Professor. Her approach to leading transformational workshops and private coaching is improvisational and deeply intuitive, goal oriented and always filled with lightness and fun. Rebecca is available for private, corporate or group yoga workshops/intensives, meditation or coaching via skype or in person.

United States