Julie Mundt

Julie Mundt M.Ed., is a 200-hr. graduate of Ana and Ravi's 2013 Teacher Training in Syracuse, NY, and she considers Kundalini Yoga to be the single most efficient practice for living a happy life in today's times. Looking for fresh inspiration for home practice in 2008, Julie did a Google search for "dance yoga" and stumbled upon a universe of Raviana DVDs she had not known existed. Two DVDs and two weeks later, she attended her first Raviana workshop in Upstate New York, and Kundalini has been her go-to yoga and life support system ever since. "I immediately recognized Kundalini Yoga to be a form of Energy Therapy, much like other modalities I had studied and gotten certifications in during the 90s: Touch for Health, Brain Gym®, Emotional Freedom Techniques, etc., and I felt like I was home. There is a kriya and a meditation for every part of your mind, body and spirit, and the effects are immediate and profound. It's challenging but so amazing that the dread factor is completely removed from daily practice. Plus Ana's alignment is so perfect that I've never had to give up the Iyengar precision I always loved." An unanticipated off-shoot of her yoga study has been falling in love with the mantras and learning Gurmukhi and Japji through teleclasses with Siri Sevak from the Millis, MA, ashram. For the last year and a half, Julie has been the only teacher to offer Kundalini Yoga Endicott, NY, but hopes the community will grow as more people discover that it's available in the area again and can experience the benefits for themselves. It is a joy to sing and chant with others and share the gift of this yoga
Syracuse, NY
United States