Raviana Evolution / Revolution 200 / 300 hr. Teacher Training

We have a current online Teacher Training. Please note that each of the six modules are stand-alone events and you can jump in any time.

The Next Online Training will begin in the Fall of 2021. Please contact raviana@raviana.com

Please contact us at raviana@raviana.com if you'd like more info on these.

At a certain point on your Path it comes time to take the next step. To matriculate to a higher order of being as well as greater accountability to Self. Our Teacher Trainings are not only for those who feel a calling to teach but also for those who feel they are ready to take the next step on the Path of Spirit.

Each 200 Training consists of 6 Modules:

Module One - Self-Initiation The Holy Line, The Art and Science of Spirit Rising • The Myths and Mysteries of Kundalini • Lineage and Kundalini Concepts • Organizing Your Warm-Up Repertoire; Quick Set to Raise the Kundalini • The Stages of Self Growth • Mantra 101• The Bhandas 101; Do’s & Don’t’s for the Practice of Kundalini Yoga; Laya Yoga & More!

Module Two - Self-Empowerment The Science of Sequence • How Kundalini Yoga Works • Organizing Your Teaching Repertoire • Templates for A Effective Kundalini Yoga Classes • Body Mechanics • Align to be Divine • Breath Secrets • Ethical Standards for Masters in the Making • The Five Principles of Alignment • Navel Power • Three Pyramids of Perfection: Sadhana. Simran, Seva. Aradhana: Form, Fearlessness, Fire. Prabhupati: Commitment, Creativity. Consciousness • More!

Module Three - Divine Alignment The Five Principles of Alignment • Mudra 101 • Warrior Workout • Love Your Liver • Yoga Philosophy 101 • History of Kundalini Yoga • Yoga Anatomy • The Eyes Have It • Top Ten Meditations in Kundalini Yoga • Kundalini Yoga Sun Salutation Sets • Conscious Corrections • Teaching Special Groups: Seniors, Athletes, Dancers, Singers, etc. • Anatomy and Physiology • The Yoga Body • Alignment Checklist • Camel Pose and the Five Principles • Foot Notes • Guidance of the Soul • More!

Module Four - The Healing Path , The Healing Path: Thoughts on Healing • Beginners Cleansing Kriya • Sitali Pranayam • Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Heal All Sickness • Preparing for Healing • Breath Meditation to Heal with Your Hands • Our Wireless Anatomy, • Pranic Body Breathing Exercise • Warm-Ups with a Health Focus • Pran Arti Pranayam • Chow Pad Arti Pranayam • Ultimate Pre-Natal Set • Breath and Rib Release, Rejuvenation Technique • Ghost Kriya • Pranayam to Stay Young • Digestive System Tune Up • Meditation to Heal at a Distance • Healing Circle • Immune Boost Breathing

Module Five - Maps of Consciousness Chakras: Wheels of Life • Keywords for the Chakras • Breath Meditation to Bring Heaven and Earth into Balance, • Sex and Sixth Sense • Love & Will • Kundalini Yoga Super Set to Open the Chakras Part 1 • Kriya for Pelvic Balance • Kriya for Generating Navel Tapa • Journey thru the Chakras Superset Part 2 • Heart of Gold •Green Energy of the Heart Meditation, 45 Min. Meditation, Chakra 5: The Great Voice • Kantha Padma Kriya for the Lotus of the Throat • Venus Kriya for Communication • Sky Blue Meditation for the Throat Chakra • The Divine Laws of Inspired Communication, Set to Keep the Chakras Open, The Sixth Chakra: Vision Quest • Initiation into Intuition • Tantric Numerology • The Meridian System • Set to Open the Meridians and Heal the Heart

Module Six - Methods of the Masters A Journey thru the Psyche • Rebirthing Kriyas • Teaching Practicum • Teaching Tips • Shine Like the Star You Are • Short Sets to Enhance Your Repertoire • Yoga for Seniors • Couples Exercises • “Secret” Meditations • More Kundalini Yoga Supersets • Healing Circle • Teaching Practicum • Empowering Yourself as a Teacher • V for Victory Meditation • Akasha Dhristi Meditation • Vibrate Your Soul •"Last" Meditation • Meditation to Understand the Power of Your Attachment • Shushuma Nadi Activation • Yogi Bhajan on Being a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga • Meditation to Develop the Mature Elevated Caliber of a Spiritual Teacher • Meditation for Prosperity, Inner Peace, World Peace and Positive Mindset.

Our 300 hr. Training is for those who already have a 200 hr. Yoga Alliance Certification and want to become 500 hr. Yoga Alliance Teachers.

The six modules of the 300 hr. Training are: 1. Gifts and Graces, 2. Serving the Underserved 3. Humanology: Yoga Therapy for Psyche and Soul 4. The Holy Line: History & Philosophy of Kundalini Yoga 5. Advanced Tantric Numerology 6. Creativity & Consciousness

Participants in both the 200 hr. and 300 hr. Trainings will receive approx. 60 pages of notes each module. The 300 hr. Training (to be a 500 hr. Yoga Alliance certified Teacher) is a lifetime mentorship and once you complete it you can attend subsequent 300 hr. Trainings at no charge.

Kundalini Yoga, the art and science of Spirit Rising, is a powerful tool for excellence and self-growth and for dealing with the stress and uncertainty of these times. The Path of a Spiritual Teacher is a meritorious and noble endeavor. Through the practice and presentation of the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga you will be a facilitator for the forward evolution of many souls.

Sessions will be 75% experiential and 25% discussion. This Training has been designed to create Self-Mastery and the capacity to heal, uplift, and inspire. Through honest participation you'll cultivate personal greatness. This 200 hr. certification, accredited by the Yoga Alliance, an International umbrella organization for Yoga Teachers and Schools, requires 180 contact hours (with Ravi & Ana personally present). The additional 20 hours entail homework and additional classes outside the training. In this certification you pick up hours as you go at any location at which we're conducting a Teacher Training.

Previously doctors, lawyers, and CPAs were the honored professions. In the new millennium it will be the Teachers of Spirit who will be most respected, and revered. May you ever be willing to put your body and being on the line to be Divine and bring light to every heart.

300 hr. Raviana Teacher Training Overview

In our Kundalini Yoga 200/300 hr. Trainings we presen a Grand Synthesis of the core teachings which serve as the underpinning for all yoga systems. The eight-limbed path, as presented by Patanjali, is actually a progression of increasingly sublime modes of Spiritual technology. In the ancient traditions of India, those who demonstrated reverence and commitment, by living a pure lifestyle, were accepted as students. Physical yoga was taught as a preparation for journeys into the subtle realms and conscious embodiment. This process was a lifetime endeavor. In life as we know it, most of us don’t have the time and resources to drop everything for this mode of work on ourselves. What Kundalini Yoga represents is the simultaneous exploration of these stages. In this Training we will present these sublime Teachings in a very integrated way. We also explore the deeper mysteries and science which serve as the underpinning for this work. We hold your hold your feet to the fire a bit to ensure that you walk away with a deep understanding of this material. This course will give you the tools to go anywhere, and be effective, not only as a Yoga Teacher, but as a Healer, Spiritual adviser, and Radiant Being. Increase your teaching repertoire, with new insights, methods, insights, and inspiration. Also, meet other great yogis and share in a powerful and beautiful group energy to heal the world.

Module 1: Siddhis: Gifts of Grace - Siddhis are gifts of grace granted through discipline. Aspirants are warned against the cultivation of these yogic superpowers but in true tantric fashion we Kundalini yogis employ the transgressive to benefit all beings and to fast track our inner and outer growth. In this session, we will explore previously unpublished material taught by Yogi Bhajan in 1969-70 to light up the world!

Module 2: Serving the Underserved - Yoga has become a quest for beauty and fabulousness but beyond that hedonistic milieu there is a whole contingent of very deserving souls who are often overlooked. In this session, we will learn how to present yoga to physically and mentally challenged people as well as people with mobility issues (more than half the population!). Our motto for this module is service with a smile!

Module 3: Humanology - Many people on the Spiritual Path try to do an end-run around the stick issues in their lives but that approach is not sustainable. This module is all about “feeling work,” and how the drama of our early years continues to inform our present. We will delve into powerful Kundalini Yoga techniques to turn past pain into infinite gain.

Module 4: History and Philosophy - The history of yoga is a process of continual unfolding. Kundalini Yoga is part of the fabric of All Yoga, not just an isolated style that appeared in a vacuum. In this module we will delve in the historic precedents for Kundalini Yoga and the ideas that gave rise to the Kundalini Yoga we know and love.

Module 5: Advanced Tantric Numerology - The numerology portion of the 200 hr. Training was only the beginning. In this module, we will review our initial foray into Tantric Numerology and learn new tricks of the trade as well as 20 additional calculations and much more!

Module 6: Creativity and Consciousness - In this module, we will learn how to be yogi wizards and to imbue your teaching with your unique creativity! Included will be yoga nidra, soul journeys, and magic and mystery. In addition to all of the above we will engage in group community outreach, mentorship to the 200 hr. Trainees, as well as a personal project that will help you develop those gifts that make you special as a Teacher. It’s akin to “finding your voice” as an artist. And of course, we will continue to grow as a group and elevate and celebrate.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool for excellence and self-growth. It offers an accessible means whereby people can transform personal suffering into blessings and positive attributes to contend victoriously in life as we know it. The Path of a Spiritual Teacher is a meritorious and noble endeavor. Through the practice and presentation of the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga, you will be a facilitator for the forward evolution of many souls, and help to make the world a better place. We are dedicated to helping you discover and express your gifts in your teaching, and your life.