Compassionate Kundalini Online Teacher Training

Ravi Singhs Compassionate Kundalini Teacher Training is Onoing. Please visit for info.

Compassionate Kundalini
Transformative Tools for Healers, Therapists, and Yoga Teachers

There is an urgency now for life strategies to meet the test of the times. What’s called for is a new paradigm that is interactive, multi-dimensional, and transformative. In the process of learning to heal and transform others, we transform ourselves. Join with other therapists, healers, and teachers for this premier Soul Training, Teacher Training, and Life Training. It is designed to put you in a position to effect quantum healing for everyone within our sphere, professionally and personally. Ultimately, we need to be proof of concept, a healing field, a conscious catalyst to address the great wave of trauma that has befallen the world.

As conscious catalysts, when people enter our field they begin to be healed! ~Ravi Singh

Our Vision
This is the lifetime that calls for healing. In a world where trauma has prevailed, it is time to create conscious communities that aid and support the healing process. This is a year long training but our hope is that you will consider this the opportunity of a lifetime for a lifetime. This material is timeless. There are always deeper levels to explore and finer points to master. We are in community as conscious catalysts on a path with heart.

Who Can Benefit from Compassionate Kundalini? (LIST)

The Compassionate Kundalini Training and Approach will be of benefit to:
yoga teachers and practitioners
mental health professionals
health care professionals
allied health professionals
medical and integrative physicians
those interested in personal development
those yearning to honor their soul prompts
addiction counselors

About the Training

In the Compassionate Kundalini training, you will:
Receive personal sadhana (daily practice) to live your excellence.
Gain cogent insight into the multi-dimensional nature of the human experience
Enhance your ability to utilize these timeless tools for every contingency your clients present.
Be a conscious catalyst for your clients' healing and transformation
Generate a healing field, a safe and sacred space
Learn how to help clients and students alchemize their deeply held trauma
How to help clients and students design their own personal practice.
Cultivate a teaching/therapeutic style and repertoire that will simultaneously accommodate
students in fitness mode, self-healing mode, and Spiritual growth mode
Share in Ravi's in-depth knowledge of human energy systems
Learn the purpose of each technique on every level: body, mind and spirit.
Discover your personal creative and intuitive gifts
Be given the opportunity (during the course of the Training) to take all of
Ravi Singh’s ongoing classes and workshops. a $170 per month value!

Schedule and Hours:

This year long course consists of 12 Modules which include live meetings on Zoom on these dates:

July 9-10 Kundalini & The Goddess of Wisdom
August 13-14 Lineage and Legacy
September 10-11 The Breath Inside the Breath
October 8-9 Body Wisdom
November 5-6 Cycles & Seasons
December 3-4 Psyche & Soul
January 7-8 Heal Your & Heal the World
February 4-5 The Mind & Its Intrigues
March 4-5 Prosperity & Empowerment
April 8-9 Post Traumatic Growth
May 6-7 The Categories of Consciousness
June 10-11 Sacred Signal

The hours for each weekend will be: Saturday 11:30 - 3 pm EST | Sunday 11:30 - 3 pm EST.

There will be additional meeting times when you will meet in small groups to process and review.
Each Module will also feature video content for you to review. You will also receive a PDF manual each month.