Yoga Beauty Body - "Now with the Matrix!"

Yoga Beauty Body begins with an excellent Breath Primer that makes the popular Breath of Fire a breeze, and a of couple of effective warm-ups. The exercises are pretty much non-stop, with 10-15 second rests or meditations at intervals. Done in its entirety (60 minutes), it is pretty challenging, yet doable, allowing all levels to participate. As always, Ana & Ravi give modifications for most exercises. The genius of Ana & Ravi's Kundalini Yoga workouts are that they work on more than just the obvious--lengthening and strengthening all muscle groups--but also work the glands for emotional well being, happiness, more energy, better sex drive, and radiant health. There is something for everyone in this DVD. This workout contains the "Magnificent Seven," exercises which, according to yoga, are essential for to do everyday. Exercises on this DVD include, Locust Pose, Bow Pose, Camel Pose, Stretch Pose, Shoulder Stand and Baby Pose. Other exercises include, Chair Pose, Wide-Legged Cobra Push-Ups, Plow Pose, two intense arm / shoulder exercises, as well as a deep relaxation. There is also a meditation for inner and outer balance.
DVD dimensions: 
190 × 135 × 15 mm
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0.2 lb