Navel Power - Kundalini Yoga for Abs of Steel, Personal Power, & Will

Can yoga give you flat abs? ABSolutely! "After countless crunches and fruitless fitness forays, who would've thought yoga would do it for me! This DVD helped shape my body in ways I'd given up on." --Unlimited Health News. According to the ancient yogis, the Navel Center, or fire in the belly, is the key to success, focus, patience, & personal power. When your Navel Center is strong you can do less and get more done, attract opportunities, and prosper. This new and improved remake of the popular Navel Power workout features a 15 min. warm-up sequence a comprehensive Kundalini Yoga set (conveninetly chaptered into two segments) for abdominal strengthening and toning, improved digestion and prosperity. Ravi and Ana are superb instructors. This tape will give you a stomach of steel and the ability to command your own destiny! Level 8
DVD dimensions: 
190 × 135 × 15 mm
DVD weight: 
0.2 lb