Kundalini Yoga Transformer - All-In-One Workout!

Transform Your Body. Feed Your Soul. Change Your Life! Kundalini Yoga is the all-in-one inner/outer fitness system which can help you get everything covered, on every level, every day, in every way! In this inspiring DVD workout, Ana & Ravi take you to a new level of fitness and self-growth. Included are an in-depth yoga workout as well as two profound sets and meditation to purify your past and liberate you from old habits and feelings which don't contribute to your fulfillment. As in all the Ana & Ravi DVD's, inspiring music will enhance your workout. Kundalini Yoga is the perfect practice to help you live long, seize the day and prosper!
DVD dimensions: 
190 × 135 × 15 mm
DVD weight: 
0.2 lb