Kundalini Yoga - The Body Electric All-In-One Workout!

DVD Body Electric
We are literally live wires, and when our energy is flowing optimally vibrant power streams into us from nature and the Universe, to fill our lives with excitement and success. This all-in-one workout will provide total fitness and the experience of Spirit everyday. The Body Electric focuses on inner and outer strength, endurance, and self-regeneration. It features a great warm-up set followed by two sets for flexibility and nerve strength (Nerves of Platinum parts 1 & 2), Body Bliss Workout (an amazing Kundalini, on your mat, cardio romp featuring exercises ANYONE can do), deep relaxation, mantra chant, plus bonus material, pre-sets, and of course the Matrix Menu option which lets you program your own workout based on the time your have.
DVD dimensions: 
190 × 135 × 15 mm
DVD weight: 
0.2 lb