Fat Free Yoga - Lose Weight & Feel Great "Now with the Matrix"

Experience Kundalini Yoga's sophisticated approach to effortless conditioning. Boost your metabolism naturally and permanently. This easy-to-follow, conveniently chaptered DVD, which features four 19 min. workouts (Start Your Engines, Fight Fire With Fire, No Impact Aerobics, Your Life is in Your Own Glands), plus two potent meditations, will optimize your glandular system, bring emotional healing, reduce "problem" areas, and help you attain your personal ideal. Experience a comprehensive workout geared to all levels. Ancient fat-burning secrets help you to dramatically reduce the natural way, trim & tone, and balance your life. With this tape you win because you lose! Total Running Time: 90 min.
DVD dimensions: 
190 × 135 × 15 mm
DVD weight: 
0.2 lb