Up Your Healing Quotient

1 ∞ A Daily Kundalini Yoga Practice
Kundalini Yoga tells us that certain things need to be covered every day so that as we live a day we don't age a day. These include: our spines flexed and aligned, glands harmonized, nerves strengthened, chakras balanced, toxins neutralized, energy levels optimized, and Spirit raised. You can do all this is just 15 minutes! Or, indulge yourself with up to 3 hours or delicious Kundalini Kriyas if you like!

2 ∞ Vibrate Your Life
According to Yogi Bhajan: "A regular practice of listening to and chanting Kundalini mantras is not only good for practical, preventative self-healthcare, but also it will aid in the assurance of a healthier life. It can help preserve the body and pave the way toward a positive mental projection. Chanting or listening to a mantra will drive out depression and revibrate your life. It is timeless and can not be outdated. It has worked in the past, it works now, and it will work in the future. There is no time, no place, no space and no condition attached to these beautiful sounds. They burn the seed of disease. Use this technology everyday. Offer it to anyone. It has worked for three thousand years, why should it not work now?"

3 ∞ Breathe Baby Breathe
Pranayam is a Sanskrit word which means literally to draw in life force. Conscious breathing is the ultimate superfood. It is living energy which helps us to regenerate and heal more quickly than anything. Of course Kundalini Yoga takes the science of breathing to the highest levels possible!

4 ∞ Popular Culture
If we had to cite one supplement which could make the biggest difference overall, probiotics would definitely be in the running. Vegans will be glad to know that this supplement is said to help the body manufacture its own B12! In addition, probiotics help the digestive and elimination systems as well as the immune system. Most importantly it keeps candida at bay, and, hence, strengthens our systems while contributing to a clear even skin tone (gets the red out). Its recommended to take probiotics on an empty stomach but we believe it is also helpful to open a couple capsules into your morning smoothie and get the glow! Raw cultured vegetables (sauerkraut!) are another great way to get some probiotics like the pros!

5 ∞ Menopause Magic
Here are Yogi Bhajan's recommendations for sailing through menopause or keeping it at bay:
1. Practice the 1 Minute breath (inhale 15 seconds, hold for 15 seconds, exhale for 15 seconds) for up to 31 min. each day. (This is taught on our Yoga Quick Fixes and Yoga House Call DVD's)
2. Eat more alkaline and less spicy food
3. 1 ounce yogurt (or soy yogurt) blended with 8 oz. water - for kidneys
4. Drink celery juice
5. Eat parsley. sweet potato. Water chestnuts. Beets (for hemoglobin).
6. Practice Sitali Pranayam (under "S" in the A-Z Health on raviana.com)
7. Regular practice of The Five Tibetans (as given on our Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond DVD) is really great to ease the transition into menopause. Consider doing it for 90 days or more.

6 ∞ Kundalini Consious Eating
1. Try to find foods with the fewest ingredients on their labels ie., food in its most natural state. Avoid additives and chemicals and, as best you can, commit to a 100% organic diet.
2. Add some raw food to your diet: unprocessed, live, or, simply and aptly, high water content food. Raw foods increase the alkalinity of our bodies, provide essential digestive enzymes, and provide an on-going cleansing effect. Even adding a salad to each meal can make all the difference!
3. What you don't eat is as important as what you do: cut down or eliminate meat, dairy products, refined sugar, fried food, alcohol, carbonated drinks, black tea and coffee, pasta, white flour products. These are all acid forming foods which rob the body of health.
4. Consider adding a green juice or smoothie to your day!

5. Hydrate. Drink plenty of filtered water daily.

6. And don't miss this important piece of the puzzle! Proper Poorly combined food (starch and protein for example), as well as meat, may take 72 hours to be digested and eliminated. Vegetarian foods that are properly combined pass through us quickly (about 6 - 12 hours). A quick transit time for the foods we ingest is all important! Adding raw food to your diet will help move things along nicely!

Conscious Eating will help to keep us lighter and more pure and, most importantly, help keep us primed to do some Kundalini Yoga!

7 ∞ Emotion to Devotion
Are you doing everything right but still don't feel as healthy as you feel you should be? It may be that there are issues on the emotional level vying for resolution. Want to get on the fast track for emotional healing? Try the So Darshan Chakra Kriya Meditation and/or the Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meditation, both of which are on our Yoga Quick Fixes and Yoga House Call DVD's

8 ∞Karma Yoga
How does this relate to health? This may be the most important item on this list! For healing to happen it's important to become less self-absorbed and more absorbed in the Self! When we become a conduit for healing we become healed in the process. Karma Yoga means selfless service. Like all yoga systems, it is a means by which we can practice being present. It is an opportunity to honor the Universe by doing our best and living with an Open Heart.