Young Coconuts

My earliest memory of coconuts is that of a friend's Dad trying to open one using everything from a hammer–to a saw–to an axe, and finally throwing it down the basement steps in frustration. That particular tough coconut was of the brown hard and hairy variety that we all remember seeing in the supermarkets as kids.

Young Coconuts these days are tastier, sweeter, and a whole lot easier to open. They can be identified through their white exterior and pointy crown (their hard green outer shell has been removed by the time they come to market). They contain more water then mature coconuts and much softer–gel like– "meat." Young coconuts are often called the Universal donors their liquid contents exactly matches human blood plasma!

Coconut water is natures Gatorade! Its an excellent drink for athletic yogis because it is rich in key electrolytes important for efficient hydration: sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. Most importantly young coconut water does not contain any high fructose corn syrup, sugar substitues, or other additives that typical sports drinks are full of. For this reason it should be everyones sport drink of choice!

Many people are aware that they need more water, especially in the warmer months or, during and after their workouts. Their main complaint is feeling uninspired to drink plain old water. Why not supplement your fluid intake with a young coconut a day? I often cut a hole in the top of a young coconut, drink the liquid and then refill the coconut with filtered water because the coconut makes such a cool cup, holds about 1/2 a liter of water, and I get twice the hydration.

One of our favorite raw food chefs Juliano Brotman, one of the originators of the raw/live food diet, when asked what type of filtered water he prefers to drink has said that he drinks only young coconuts– all day long. He knows its the purest water you can get. Its been naturally filtered, the water traveling through many fibers over many months and remains sterile and pure inside the nut.

Young coconuts even have anti-aging benefits! they contain hormones, called cytokinins, which regulate production and aging of human tissues and cells.


Just a simple sharp chefs knife! We recommend that you hit the pointy end of the young coconut at a 45 degree angle a few times all around the crown, then pry open the top. Please be very careful!!! You can use the gel with the liquid to make a healthy nutritiously hydrating shake. Heres how:


1 chilled young coconut water and flesh
vanilla to taste
pinch of pink himalayan sea salt

Blend, blend blend until it's creamy and frothy and enjoy!

If you need sweetener a touch of stevia or a date should do the deed.