Yoga for Inner Thigh Reducing

While every yoga pose is a whole body exercise, every KY set contains good inner thigh toning benefits if proper alignment and movement principles are adhered to. The Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond DVD is a whole body workout. When you do the double leg lift exercise, move to and from bridge pose, and hold camel pose (all in the five tibetan exercises) you should think of pressing through your heels and drawing your inner thighs towards one another (think of squeezing a pillow between your thighs), even if they are not touching. Also be aware of keeping your knees aligned over your ankles. Those alignment prompts are what work the inner thighs in yoga. You will begin to notice a difference. Yoga will really shape your inner thighs (and line up your leg bones optimally) if you practice the tips given above. It is not the exercise so much as how you do it that makes all the difference. We also recommend our Yoga Bliss Hips, Ultimate Stretch Workout, and Yoga Beauty Body DVDs.