Yoga Bhajan Revelations Part 2

Q: Hi Ana Brett and Ravi Singh. I have a query for you, i completed the kundalini teacher training in Ireland two years ago as taught by yogi bhajan. Before the teacher training i really enjoyed practicing along to your dvds. When i started the teacher training, i developed my sadhana and stopped using your dvds as when i mentioned you guys to my teacher trainer at the time she was a bit dismissive about your style. But now with the all the revelations about yogi b im doubting my practice. I'm also teaching at the moment, im using kriyas and meditations as taught by yogi bhajan. But i would be very interested in purchasing your book and teaching and practicing from your resources. I'm in your kundalini independents Facebook page also. Any advice you could give me I would really appreciate. Sat Nam. Thank you.

A: Thank you for your well thought out question. Please don't fall into the trap of creating false barriers for yourself. Kundalini Yoga is part of the continuum of All Yoga and is not Yogi Bhajan or 3HO dependent. We can view the paintings of Carravaggio or revel in the intuitive leaps of Albert Einstein without having to condone aspects of their personal lives. Yogi Bhajan was a Spiritual genius even if his emotional IQ was lacking. We can't deny Yogi Bhajan's contribution in pulling a number of things together, but the source of these teachings always has been the Infinite Teacher. One thing we show in our book, which is available on Amazon UK was how Kundalini is part of a wider tradition beyond Yogi Bhajan / 3HO. For instance, most of the mantras can be found in the holy book of the Sikhs and other yogic sources. As we do our practice and tune into the source of these teachings this becomes more and more evident. In my own case I learned these techniques. I practiced them. And out of that arose an experience that is ongoing and has informed everything that followed. Everything else is incidental. As we always say Kundalini Yoga belongs to the people who practice it. We're not saying that to be patronizing. It's a literal statement. In the Aquarian Age there needs be no intermediary between us and the Infinite. 3HO is what it was but we are who we are and that forever.

I have seen that many entry level Teacher Trainees relate to K. Yoga in too logical and linear a manter. As Teachers only time will put a us in a position to be able to connect certain dots. Until then the scope of what Kundalini represents can be daunting. This system and context is too vast. One's intellect tries to fill in the gaps but leaves one only frustrated. All you can do is keep on keeping on and those dots will be connected. Look up Kundalini, tantra, Patanjali... on Wikipedia and your confusion will only increase. Time is the great revealer and there's no substitute. This holds true in every venue of the human experience as one transits from novice to master.

Our advice is to personalize your practice by trying everything and embracing the things that light you up and teaching those things. Kundalini Yoga is an emergent system and that means no one can stop it from evolving. We are all part of that process by passing on what we've found to be authentic and true. The Kundalini Yoga Independents page on Facebook is a great forum to have discussions around what the party line has been in 3HO and what's really true. Also: what makes Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga? How much leeway do we have until it becomes something else? We're not going to solve this in a day but together we can make Kundalini Yoga into the dynamic, joyful, truly Aquarian system it was meant to be.