What We Can and Can't Control

"Sometimes we operate under the misconception that we can control the circumstances of the outside world. What we can do is control our inside worlds. That is a gift given to us. And that is where we must start.

"Earth was meant to be graceful because it is a reflection of the Heavens. Planet earth is the one planet in the entire existence which is the reflection of our entire psyche not only of the Universe, but of the Universe of Universes of Universes.

"Sahej" means very easy, very smooth, very harmonious. And my mind is in bliss. Why? Because within myself, within my psyche, within my being, within my radiant body, I have my own nectar within me. I have created that. I have stimulated my tattwas (the elements). I have resolved the unity of my gunas (the unique blend of the elements which makes you, you.). I have resounded and I have reprocessed my chakras, and I find myself in absolute bliss. And that is what bliss is about.

"Cherdi Kala means "Rising spirit." If you have a Christian background, it is called 'resurrection.' Continuous resurrection. Not just once, but all the time, every time, in every minute! And if you have any religious faith or acknowlegement or are in touch with it, it is a very simple concept. There is no duality. It means you rise to the occasion as it confronts you. But rise! Be above it!" --Yoga Bhajan

11 Things We Can Control

1. Our experience of this moment breath by breath. Inhale Sat. Exhale Nam!

2. Our mind and its intrigues. Meditate, and remember to remember!

3. How we relate to other people. Let us love no matter what ((you can still love a person although you are not obligated to like what they may do).

4. The decisions we make about how to be.

5. Our habits, which we can continually modify to be healthier and happier.

6. Our quality of life by getting involved on behalf of each other.

7. The general trends in our lives through a committed Spiritual Practice.

8. We can't control what happens, but we can control how we relate to what happens.

9. We can live in bliss, remembering, "All things come from God. All thing go to God."

10. We can turn karma into Dharma (see Questions of the Month).

11. Did you ever observe a couple (for instance) locked into a dysfunctional relationship? How they feed off each other's pain? Many people have a dysfunctional relationship with life and the people in it. It is possible to clear our subconscious minds and transform our "pain bodies," into bodies of light, by doing techniques such as So Darshan Chakra Kriya (under "S" on the A-Z Health Archive on www.raviana.com