Vegan / Vegetarian Diet & Yoga

We do not eat meat or dairy products for a variety of reasons. Evidence shows they create an acidic state in the body and can cause many other problems, Including heart disease, and cancer. Also, digesting meat and dairy is very taxing on the body. Meat takes normally up to 72 hours to be digested and eliminated. People who are vegetarians generally feel better and have more energy. Yoga is a process, and energetically throughout this process, much is percolating inside us, on all the levels that define us. It is important to live in a way in which energy will be available for these important processes to occur, so Yoga advocates a vegetarian diet to support self growth.

Ahimsa (non-harm) is one of the most important principles in yoga. Many spiritual traditions state that one should live in a way that causes as little suffering as possible. The standard that some people use is that if a creature has a mother (or tries to run away when you catch it), it's not right to kill it. Yes, we've all heard the counter argument that broccoli has feelings too. Bottom line: no one is perfect, but we feel it is important to make conscious choices and do the best we can. We have seen that sometimes vegetarians do not take the time to plan a balanced diet for themselves. They turn back to meat thinking that their's is a special situation, when in actuality they need to vary and adjust their diets to get more enzymes and necessary nutrients for optimal well- being.

A vegetarian diet, along with right relationship and right livelihood, etc., in conjunction with one's yoga practice, are, we feel, are the kinds of things that make yoga "yoga" and not just exercise. We wish you joy, health, and blessings.