Use of Sheepskins in Kundalini Yoga

It is traditional for many Kundalini Yoga practitioners to use sheepskins on which to do their yoga. This is personal preference. Yogi Bhajan said that the use of animal skins shields the practitioner from the effects of the earth's magnetic field, making meditation easier. He said it was traditional for a yogi to use the skin of an animal which had recently died. It is also said to be a blessing for the animal.

We do not use sheepskins ourselves for two reasons. First, we are vegans and feel that to use an animal skin sends a confusing message to our students, and secondly the sets we tend to practice are more physical with quite a few of the more traditional hatha poses, so we like the regular traditional non-toxic, hatha sticky mats, preferably on the thick side, so no doubling up is needed. If you google non-toxic yoga mats you can get some ideas about where to buy them.