Turn Your Blind Spot Into Your Sweet Spot

The drama of our unfolding is enacted every day via the choices we make. All of our choices harken back to the decisions we make around how to be. Do we want to be an artifact of what came before or a new and improved version of the person we were the day before?

It’s not enough to do our Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice and blithely enter into life and return to our reflexive tendencies of reactivity and impulsiveness. For the work to work we have to be willing to work from the outside in and inside out. That means to do a powerful practice (outside/in) to deliver ourselves to a place of balance, receptivity, and energy. It also means to APPLY the awareness our practice engenders to be willing to fearlessly feel our feelings, and be consciously conscious in every interaction and action (inside/out). Higher consciousness doesn’t mean anything unless we apply it in the alchemical cauldron of life.

It's said that if we know the name of a demon we can command it. Each of us has one or more blind spots that inform the script of our lives. It's a defensive stance and destructive pattern of thinking, feeling and acting, and over the years it takes on a life of its own.

Our blind spots can be likened to sub-atomic particles, they can't be seen directly, but can only be sensed through interaction with other particles (people). A gifted Spiritual Teacher will often push our buttons and go right for our blind spot. We have the potential for many blind spots but there tends to be a primary one that informs our life narrative.

Our blind spot is like a black hole in our personality. Not only does it suck the joy out of life but it’s also adept at flying under our radar. We often don't realize our greatest flaw because we can't see it, even though it's often obvious to others. It's also a self-fulfilling prophecy: The thing we fear the most keeps happening to us. Our blind spot is also adept at shifting blame. Its very existence is predicated on being right.

Transforming our blind spot is one of the most difficult things we'll ever do. Our blind spots are woven into us to the extent we come to feel that they are us. Of course, we don't classify them as blind spots. We often come to (erroneously) feel that they're what make us special.

Blind Spot Locator

Please answer these questions with a number from 1-10. 10 is definitely or excellent and 1 is never or poor.

Romance and Relationship

1. Rate the quality overall of your primary relationship. If you're not currently in one base your answer on the trend of your previous relationships

2. You're able to play the game of love with the best of them.

Friends and Family

1. Rate the quality overall of your relationship with friends and family.

2. You're loyal and empathetic and often think of others before yourself.


1. Rate the quality overall of your success in your career and finances.

2. Your business and entrepreneurial acumen will always guarantee your success.

Diet and Health

1. Rate the quality overall of your diet and health.

2. You have cracked the code around diet and health and are a vibrant and vital being.

Life of the Spirit

1. Rate the quality overall of your inner life.

2. You are an evolved Spiritual being and operate from a place of deep wisdom


Now, look at the ratings you gave yourself. If you gave yourself average or good rating for any of the categories, yet something is nagging at you, you might want to reassess your answer.

Look at those areas you rated low for the first question but gave a higher rating for the second question. The size of the rating gap indicates there are blind spots primed for alchemy.

Your answers to the second question particularly are going to shed light on your blind spots. If you rated yourself higher on the second question for any of the categories, it might behoove you to shine a spotlight there.
Our blind spots represent a basic set of assumptions about ourselves and the world. These act as filters that hinder our ability to be present. Blind spots manifest as:

Not seeing what is going on;
Not feeling what we see;
Not acting on what we see and feel.

Now rate these 1-10. Ten signifies that this is definitely an abiding issue in your life. 1 means I've got this under control.

1. Self-Deprecation (belittling/diminishing/undervaluing oneself)
2. Self-Destruction (sabotaging/punishing/harming oneself)
3. Martyrdom (reacting as if persecuted/victimized/oppressed)
4. Stubbornness (resisting change)
5. Greed (selfish overindulgence, over-consumption)
6. Arrogance (inflating/exalting/overvaluing oneself)
7. Impatience (reacting as though being sabotaged/obstructed).

This is not a black and white proposition. Nevertheless, the answers closer to one is where your blind spot(s) may lie! No way you may say. Ponder deeply!

Now what? Be brave. Be willing to do the opposite of what your tendencies have been. Shine brightly in this world.