Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet

Congratulations on working towards a healthier diet! It\'s important to really enjoy the foods you eat, so when you are transitioning to a healthier diet you don't want to substitute carrot sticks for french fries! This is a mistake many people make! You want to find something equally tasty and this way you will most likely never miss your former treats! If you pick up any raw food cookbook you will see there are amazingly delicious replicas of most of your favorite foods.

I transitioned to a raw food diet by eating raw apple pie for breakfast. I even had a raw brownie once in awhile! It actually tasted better then what I ate before! I eat less of the sweet stuff now (even raw foodists need to be careful of glycemic index, etc.) but what I do now, and a good way to start eating raw, is to begin your day with a raw smoothie (I add raw (Sun Warrior) protein powder to mine). This can make you feel so hydrated and so energized that chances are you will be inspired to eat healthy the rest of your day as well!