Tourettes Syndrome: Kundalini Yoga Techniques

Tourettes Syndrome is more common than you think! The symptoms range from very mild to severe and the good news is that, with your doctors permission, you can try a completely natural approach to remedy the symptoms of Tourettes!
Kundalini Yoga\'s approach goes deeper than the obvious relaxation remedy most people think of when they think of \"yoga\" and includes exercises for strengthening the nervous system, brain balancing, glandular tune-up and beyond.Relaxation techniques are important and Kundalini Yoga offers many techniques which can be used to initiate a relaxation response. Many have found Kundalini Yoga, with its multi-dimensional approach,to be very effective in treating nervous system/psychiatric, and other mind/body disorders, and we think you will find the following techniques very useful in remedying your or your loved one's symptoms of Tourettes.

Try this meditation and breathing exercise: Sit comfortably with a straight spine. Bang the inside edges of your hands together with the palms up (along the length of the little fingers) as you say the sound \\\"Har.\\\\\\\" This sound means the power of the Infinite. When you says Har have your mouth open as if in a 3/4 yawn, so your lips don\\\\\\\'t really move, just your tongue. You\\\\\\\'re sort of rolling your tongue off the roof of your mouth. Then repeat Har again as you bang the hands together with the palms down (along the edges of the index fingers). Continue doing Har continuously banging your hands together in this manner. Hit your hands together pretty hard. 11 min. of this meditation is an ideal time. Your eyes are barely open, looking down and in towards the tip of the nose. To end inhale, hold the breath, and stretch your arms up overhead. Then relax the breath and shake your hands and arms. Immediately lie on your back and do the following breathing exercise:

Inhale through your nose, hold the breath for 5 seconds
Exhale through puckered lips
Inhale through puckered lips, hold the breath for 5 seconds
Exhale through the nose

Continue this breath pattern for up to 11 min.

Additionally, The Brain Booster set from our Yoga House Call DVD will be very helpful as well as the 3 meditations at the end. You may also want to explore the other yoga sets and techniques on that DVDn.

In terms of diet and lifestyle: various stressors can bring on episodes of Tourette. People with Tourettes often have sensitive nervous systems and stressful situations are often triggers. Eliminating foods with chemical preservatives and sugar will make a difference. Also, check for allergens in your home environment. Inquire at your local health food stores for supplements (such as B complex and EFA\\\\\\\'s) that are good for stress.