Top 5 Abundance Hacks

Top Five Abundance Hacks

Have you cracked the abundance code? You may have noticed a few perennial truths in your life journey:
• You can't receive what you haven't given. • What you don't run after runs after you. • Living reverentially is the cornerstone of success • Abundance is a state of mind. The list is ample but one can't go wrong with these brass tack hacks:

1) Focus on the Outcome, Not the Income (to start). It's imperative that we gain clarity about what exactly our success will look like and in which venue we want to be successful. Martha Stewart started by running a catering business and went on to found an empire. Not an empire builder? If you feel that your work in the world resonates with your soul and that you are a service provider you are successful.

2) Know Your Business. Once you decide upon your venue of choice, observe the top people in that field to school yourself in the hallmarks of excellence and the progressive steps necessary to embody it. Then, of course, you must work really hard to be the best at what you do.

3) Cultivate Your Charisma. You can check off all the boxes but success is informed by the science of human interplay. Radiance is our secret weapon. When we are positively magnetic our attractability quotient increases. That means that we become the hub of powerful energies. Things flow into our sphere. Here's an exercise to amp us our radiance. Begin with your hands in Prayer Pose. To the rhythm of the Breath of Fire, alternately move your arms to and from a 60-degree angle to the side. Your hands are like the prow of a ship cutting through the waves. 1-3 min. Magnetize your aura to success!

4) Develop Fierce Focus. Our Arcline is our halo and the beaming power of our mind. When it's strong our prayers manifest and we have the intuitive power to navigate to success. When we live dharmically, we overcome inner conflicts and gain the ability to keep our eyes on the prize. Criss-cross your arms at hairline level to the rhythm of the Breath of Fire. Alternate arms on top. Keep your shoulder blades firm on your back to anchor the movement. 1-3 min.

5) Become an Instrument of the Universe's Great Plan. The Great Ones, in all venues of art and life, have demonstrated "God Power," that indefinable something that imbues their works with genius and a timeless quality. To become a purveyor of perfection, we need to elevate our consciousness towards an exalted overview. Start sitting cross-legged with the backs of your hands on your knees, Inhale through a wide-open mouth as you swing your arms up, palms facing back as if flinging water behind you. exhale through a wide-open mouth as your arms return to the starting position. Continue for 1 min. Then, have your hands in your lap and meditate. The Universe is the great giver. Be one with it now.

Of course, there are qualifiers that inform how life presents itself. Nevertheless, if we do certain things then certain results are inevitable. If we work hard, stay focused, honor energy, tithe generously, and invoke our unique creativity, then the Universe will honor our efforts. It's that simple; it's that profound.