Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

1. Feed Your Soul - Food sustains us, but it is also a metaphor for a deeper form of nourishment. Yoga, meditation, prayer, and love in all forms feed our souls.
2. Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Stable - Our metabolism works much more efficiently and we have far fewer cravings when we can keep our blood sugar levels on an even keel. Try eating 5 brazil nuts between meals and watch your cravings disappear!

3. Develop Your Navel Center - The Navel Center or "Fire in the Belly," according to yoga (and also martial arts), is the default setting for personal change. It will give you the willpower to stick to any regimen and be victorious in your life. Fat Free Yoga features exercises which develop your Navel Center.

4. Meditate - Meditation is all its forms helps us to think before we act and keep an overview, so that we can design our life to our own specifications. Fat Free Yoga features two meditations for serenity, emotional balance, & breakthroughs!

5. Move Your Body - Even if you're exercise resistant, it always helps to simply move. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Trying adding a brisk 10 - 20 minute walk to your daily activities.

6. Visualize - Keep your eyes on the prize. No matter how unlikely you feel your goals are, never stop projecting, visualizing, and praying for your goals to manifest. Keep the optimum outcome in your minds eye. You will be amazed at how powerful this can be.

7. Feel Radiant - Even if you don't feel radiant remember this phrase: Fake it 'til you make it! The beauty and brightness of our personal presence uplifts everyone in our lives and helps us to embody our personal ideal.

8. Breathe - Breath is an energy delivery system. Also if we can master our breathing, we can master our minds and emotions. Breath is a conveyence for vitality, fearlessness, healing. The breathing exercises in Fat Free Yoga will help you to feel more alive than ever before.

9. Be Creative - A creative outlet, especially at night, when we're most susceptible to indulging in things, is a powerful way to express the true you and get excited about new possibilities. Express yourself in new ways as a TV replacement!

10. Create A Support System - Surround yourself with people who support the most positve aspects of you and who support you on your positive path.