Toe Cramping

Toe Cramping: There are two things you can try. The first is focusing on keeping your toes relaxed at all times during your practice. The weight should never be in your toes (unless in the passive exercise described below) but spread evenly between the balls of the feet and the front of the heels. We don't really believe in the yogic practice of "spreading" the toes forcibly (though massaging the webbing of the toes can be helpful) because it creates tension.

There is an exercise on our Energy & Super Radiance DVD where you come into a squatting crow postion with the feet slightly turned out and the heels lifted and together. Rolling on the balls of your feet, circle your ankles forward, out to the sides and to the back and heels together again do this a few times and reverse direction of the circles. This does roll the weight slightly forward onto the toes and stretches them in a passive way. It also increases circulation throughout the ankles feet and toes. This would be a very good exercise for you to practice daily before and after your practice.

Our other suggestion is adding a good alcium/magnesium/vitamin D supplement. Even a slight deficiency in any of these can cause cramping in the body. Megafood makes a wonderful whole food supplement called "BONE" that supplys a nice balance. Make sure you get the "new and improved" version which is even better than the original. It may take up to a month to feel a difference.