TMJ / Jaw Problems

We have been contacted by quite a few people over the years who have successfully treated their TMJ by practicing Kundalini Yoga. We do believe that the exercises on AM/PM Yoga are helping to correct the situation, so in that sense, what you exeperienced is normal. As you do your yoga practice be attentive to alignment principles in the
exercises. Always keep the crown of your head aligned with the plumb line of your body, and shoulder blades down your back like folded wings. We recommend our new Yoga for Beginners & Beyond which has a Posture Primer and other things which may be helpful.

Here is a meditation which has been found to be helpful in addressing

Inhale in a whistle with pursed lips.

Exhale by chanting a loud & long LAAAAAAAAA
with the mouth wide open, like an opera singer, until you need to

Time: 7-11 minutes

Allow the vibration to penetrate the jaw.

TMJ has also been cited as a sympton of Candida. Candida can be treated by supporting the immune system (see Immune Booster on our Yoga House Call DVD), and by cutting out sugar (even high glycemic fruit), caffeine, and dairy products. Garlic is an anti-fungal substance, as is
cinnamon, and olive leaf extract. A pro-biotic supplement
(acidolphillus) is very important when treating Candida.