Times of the Exercises and Meditations in Kundalini Yoga

The times for the exercises and Meditations in Kundalini Yoga were arrived at by the ancient yogis who were able to discern certain energy shifts when a technique was practiced for a specific duration. Back in the day these durations were measured by how long it took an incense stick of a specific length to burn. When the British brought clocks to India these durations were updated to the times you see here.

• 3 minutes of an exercise or meditation balances our electromagnetic field, circulation, and blood chemistry.
• Within 7 minutes of an exercise or meditation brain patterns begin to entrain and our magnetic field is strengthened so the positive benefits of the technique are translated through the particulars of our health and life.
• 11 minutes of a meditation begins to optimize and balance our nervous and glandular system.
• Doing a meditation for 22 minutes balances the three aspects of mind (negative, positive, and neutral) so that
the subconscious can divest itself of old concepts and a new template for health and well being can emerge.
• When practicing a meditation for 31 minutes our internal rhythms harmonize, our glands secrete optimally, and the chakra system is brought into balance.
• 62 minutes of a meditation stimulates the gray matter of the brain as well as the frontal lobe and pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands. During a meditation of this duration, we can penetrate beyond our physical body, emotions, and mental conditioning and commune with our higher self. The subconscious “shadow mind” is illuminated and a new range of creative possibilities becomes available to us.
• It’s said that if we honor the Universe for 1/10th of our day (21/2 hours), then the Universe will oversee our lives for the rest of the day. 21/2 hours of a meditation reorients our psyches from the impulsiveness of the subconscious mind to the expansive creativity prompted by the universal mind. We may look the same and act the same, but everything about us exists in a wider context, bigger, better, and brighter!
• In the Bible, the number 40 is used to represent a period of testing. When we practice a meditation for 40 days sequentially, we begin to transform a habit into its positive pole. 40 days represents a cycle of the psyche. During each day over a 40 day span, we are accessing a different node of memory, conditioning,
and self-orientation. There will be days when the last thing we feel like doing is meditating. Days when we feel maximum resistance. Those are important days, when we are actually clearing the most “stuff.”
• When we practice a meditation for 90 days sequentially we confirm new habits and put old habits to rest.
• When we practice a meditation for 120 days sequentially we integrate new behavior to refine and re-define.
• When we practice a meditation for 1000 days sequentially we can be said to have mastered that technique. Of course, we have to practice it masterfully.