The Ten Incentives

We recently received this from someone who was helping us promote a workshop in their area:

"I have friends who see that same weekend as time to go and look at the changing leaf color. They would ordinarily be interested in doing a workshop with you."

Most people don't understand the importance of prioritizing around Spirit. So much is vying for our attention. These days it seems that everyone has some form of ADD. We're constantly being barraged by information and options. It's our job as Teachers to compassionately help people appreciate our human predicament and what's at stake. People seek endless diversions in lieu of the most important excursion we'll ever make: the homecoming of the soul. The yogis and sages tell us that eventually as we close our eyes to meditate, the inner fanfare is more beautiful than any gold or scarlet foliage. You are truly blessed if you even begin to honor essence and ascend!

Some go to college and put their life on hold to perpetually party. Some get serious and use that opportunity to put themselves in a position to achieve or discover their life purpose. In terms of soul growth, if you're reading this you have already started classes at a really prestigous school: Kundalini U. May you apply yourself diligently and distinguish yourself!

1. Having been blessed with a great vehicle, a human body which is a yogi's secret lab, may we be inspired to become super-sensory beings to perceive the beauty of life and existence and evolve to a higher order of being.

May we be incentivized to do our practice, live our practice, and share our practice.

2. Having been blessed with free will, may we choose to live consciously and accountably and leave a
legacy of healing and grace.

May we honor the Teachings by becoming Teachers.

3. Due to the unforgiving nature of karma, may we be inspired to live in a way that does no harm to our-
selves or others.

May we do our best to create Heaven here.

4. The Saints and Sages tell us that on a soul level we may have experienced immense regret over lifetimes (or in this lifetime) for lost opportunities and forgetfulness of our true purpose. May we be galvanized to work on ourselves with a sense of urgency every day.

May we remember to remember.

5. May we be incited to be diligent in bringing our mind and emotions under conscious control as the first step in lessening personal and collective suffering.

May we honor breath as life.

6. As we witness the pain and anguish that all beings suffer, may be be incited to be service providers.

May Love lead us.

7. May we courageously illuminate our blind spots and elevate them to their positive polarities.

May we be masters of inner alchemy, turning emotion into devotion.

8. As witness to the low character of this Kali-Yug (the Age of Darkness we're in), may we be inspired to promote conscious living through the Teachings.

May we honor Truth over illusion.

9. May we strive for excellence fueled by Spirit and may others be inspired by our example
May we raise the bar of human greatness.

10. Rather than letting our life slip away in endless diversion, may we grow gratitude for the opportunity to embrace a Path with Heart and may we diligently apply ourselves to this Great Work.

May we live everyday with a sense of the sacred.