Taking the High Road

Take the high road. Not because there\'s a cosmic authority figure watching your every move, or because society mandates it, but because it\'s Self-fulfilling. Each time we make a conscious decision we conserve awareness. Accumulated awareness gives us a fighting chance to deconstruct illusion and find Freedom. Each conscious act and thought trains us for that inevitable moment when our life, career, or relationship will hinge on one decision or act. Many spiritual traditions see life as a training ground for that moment of our last breath which determines our trajectory into the Unknown. There is a concept in Kundalini Yoga called the Arcline. It's our mental projection and life radar. When we live with a clear conscience, direction, and are true to ourselves, it gives us tremendous personal power. Take the high road, because often it seems, more and more, our culture glorifies the low road and someone has to take a stand the other way. When enough people start making conscious decisions, it transforms the world. When you make a conscious decision, no one may ever know anything about it, but in the eyes of the Universe you will be glorified and it will be reflected in your radiance.