Stiff muscles can occur from a variety of causes. For example, when we're sick the fascia (connective tissue) contracts. Stress, tension, and time also cause the fascia to contract. It is not actually age that makes us stiff (check out a gym class of average 17 year olds!) but what we do or don't do as we age that affects our flexibility. When we don't spend some time stretching, our bodies quickly become used to a more limited range of motion--especially if we spend a lot of time sitting in chairs or driving. This causes our core muscle to contract, and since flexibility starts at the core, it affects us all over. Flexibility means free range of motion in the joints and healthy fascia. When we stretch we increase the moisture level in our tissues which keeps our muscles supple and young. The best thing to do to bring back our flexibility is to focus on the breath and on relaxing. Work on releasing your diaphragm muscle which is intimately connected to the psoas (core muscle). This will help your body release. We recommend any of the DVD's but especially Ultimate Stretch Workout, Yoga Bliss Hips, and Dance the Chakras Yoga Workout.

Diet: Be sure you are drinking plenty of low mineral water. Silica is a great supplement for flexibility as well as MSM and tocopherals. A more alkaline diet will help increase suppleness. Try adding more vegetables and salads. We wish you the best of luck with your yoga practice!