Spring Tune Up

One of the beauties of doing a home practice is that you can tailor it to your own needs and personality. Some days you want to move your energy and some days you need to draw it inwards and nourish your spirit. The change of seasons is another factor. As Spring approaches, we feel a need to lighten up, shed excess winter weight, and feel energized and revitalized.

A Spring focus in our workshops and our own practice is what we call a Spring Tune Up.

Spring Tune Up focuses on the glands and helps our bodies adjust to the new season. It will put a spring in your step and give you a beautiful glow!

Here we will give you several options for a 7 day Spring Tune Up:

We designed our Fat Free Yoga as an all in one workout and we are recommending it for Spring.

The Start your Engines set has an aerobic component and will help reset your metabolism as well as work on the thyroid gland. Fight Fire with Fire has both stretching and ab work and, in working the Navel Center, keeps us feeling positive, and our resolve strong as well. No Impact Aerobics has strengthening and cardio and also works the thymus gland for an immune system boost. In Spring the glands need to recalibrate. The Your Life is in Your Own Glands set works on your entire glandular system for optimum health and well being, with special focus on the all important pituitary, the master gland.

If you want to do another workout, such as pilates, or even a brisk walk outdoors, which we especially recommend in the Spring, you can cap it off with the Your Life is in your own Glands set to stay in balance.

Other good Spring Tune Up options are: The AM set on AM/PM Yoga DVD. This features continuous Breath of Fire through 6 exercises. It is said that 3 minutes of Breath of Fire purifies the blood. This dynamic sequence will purify the blood 3-4 times over! It is a total cleanse. We also recommend our Warrior Workout set which was given by Yogi Bhajan specifically for circulation and elimination of toxins. Also, Yoga Cleanse, a great de-tox for the liver, can be extremely helpful in Spring.

Another nice way to cap off any workout is with a meditation. The meditation on Fat Free Yoga, Hands Like a Teapot,has been called a natures botox. According to yoga it sustains the Glow of Youth for a lifetime! Yoga says there are 2 forms of fire. A positive fire which keeps us energized and vital, and a negative fire which causes wear and tear on the cells. The Hands Like a Teapot breath meditation on Fat Free Yoga cools out the negative fire to keep us young! The other meditation on Fat Free Yoga, for emotional healing, is like having your personal therapist on call! With the matrix menu option, its vary easy to use Fat Free Yoga to keep your workouts interesting!

Here are some options for a once a day (for seven days) Spring tune-up:

1. the Fat Free Yoga DVD in its entirety
2. a brisk walk or other cardio (i.e. the Dance portion of our Kundalini Yoga Cardio DVD) followed by the Fight Fire w/Fire and Your Life is In Your Own Glands sets on Fat Free Yoga
3. a brisk walk followed by the Yoga Cleanse DVD and one of the Meditations from Fat Free Yoga
4. a brisk walk followed by one of the two sets on Yoga Cleanse, followed by the AM segment of AM/PM Yoga, and one of the Meditations from Fat Free Yoga
5. Warrior Workout in its entirety, followed by one of the Meditations on Fat Free Yoga
6. You can personalize this even further by combining the above options any way you would like.