Spiritual IQ Quiz

Please assign a value of 1 - 5 to the following questions (keep a running total as you go), with 5 indicating that you strongly agree and 1 that you strongly disagree:

1. Spirituality and religion are (ultimately) pretty much the same thing.

2. Life as we know it is a form of "Earth School" where we come to learn lessons so that our souls can evolve.

3. If something good happens it's God's grace, something unpleasant, God's will.

4. The power of the Infinite is alive in me.

5. This world can be a brutal place.

6. Some form of pain is unavoidable.

7. My consciousness is immortal

8. Everyone shares similar problems, and sooner or later, will follow the same psychological paths of growth.

9. Addictions are often an attempt to do an end run around sadness and grief.

10. Much of my life has been spent searching for someone or something to complete me.

11. It is possible to gain more spontaneity, creativity and joy in one's life.

12. Overcoming fears is often a necessary step towards achieving true happiness.

13. It is possible to resolve past traumas without having to relive them.

14. Daily persistence re: the methods of a chosen path, is one of the fastest routes to self-realization.

15. Sometimes we have to ruffle some feathers in order to fly.

16. I believe that there is one Ultimate Truth but many paths to discovering it.

17. The world we know is only one reality among countless others.

18. There is life beyond this life.

19. Even rocks and trees have a form of consciousness.

20. I want to use my personal talents to ease suffering in this world.

21. When I am around people involved in worship or devotional practices, my heart beats faster.

Now, add up your score. If your answers add up to:

100 - 110: Ascended Master - you're a very high being wrapped in the cloak of a human body, which begs the question: "So, what are you going to do about it!"

80 - 99: Young Old Soul - you are brimming with Spiritual potential. If you are not already on a path of choice, it may be time to "lock in."

60 - 79: Philosphy Major - please study the Top Ten Traits of a High Spiritual IQu (below). Don't negate them so much as work out for yourself how they may be true.

40 - 59: Healthy Skeptic - keep a copy of this quiz, keep up with your yoga practice (or start one), and revisit this in two years. You may be surprised by your answers.

21 - 39: Grizzled Old Salt - well, it seems that you're a very down to earth person. Since everything contains its opposite, you have the potential to be a living Saint!