Soul Mate / Seven Year Itch Mantra

The concept of a soul mate gives rise to much magical thinking, but it could be said that from life to life we are separated from a soul mate in the maze of time, space, and circumstance. This powerful mantra can help us find what's been lost and also can deliver us from the self -absorption of ego so we can be humble enough to recognize a soul mate and honor our Destiny and let the Universe work on our behalf.

Even if you've found your "soul mate," it's important to remember that that's where the work begins, not ends! In the context of both a Spiritual Path & a committed relationship we hit a wall within 4 - 7 years. It's known as shaktipad and is a test of the ego. Devotion, faith, and love are the only things which work to weather that storm. This mantra invokes those gifts and opens us to higher guidance and blessings. Chant this in any melody which has beauty and meaning for you:

Ardas Bayee, Amardas Guru, Amardas Guru, Ardas Bayee
Ram Das Guru, Ram Das Guru, Ram Das Guru Suchee, Sahee.

This means that the deepest prayer of your soul is already known by the Universe before you even formulate it consciously, by the Grace of the fulfiller of Hope and Bestower of Blessings, Past, Present, & Future,