Sleep and Yoga

Everyone is different, but after nine o'clock, you should probably do light stretching and meditate only. Also, research shows that each hour of sleep after 10 PM and before 2 AM are equal to 2 hours of sleep at other times due to your body's ability to produce human growth and repair hormones at those times. So, it would be wise to get to bed earlier so you can get up and do a Sadhana (early morning practice. The hours between 4-7 AM are the most potent for Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.

To prevent insomnia try these simple techniques: brush your hair forward and back a few times. According to yoga, this helps our magnetic field to come out of \\\"active mode,\\\" and go into relaxed mode.

Place your feet under cold running water. This relaxes the nervous system through the nerve enedings in the feet.

Take a calcium supplement. This also relaxes the nerves.

It is best not to have eaten at least 2-3 hrs. before going to bed.

Try to turn the TV off at least 30 min. (if not more) before going to sleep. TV interferes with your brain wave rhythms.

Meditation before bed is one of the best things you can do in order to have a restful night. This meditation, from our Am/Pm Yoga DVD is one of the best:

Hands in lap. Inhale in 4 equal breaths through the nose as you think Sa-Ta-Na-Ma. Hold the breath for 16 counts thinking Sa-Ta-Na-Ma 4x. Exhale in two breaths as you think Wahay Guru. Do this as long as it takes for you to feel sleepy.

Also, as you\\\'re lying in bed, rather than let your mind race, try doing the mantra (softly) Wahay Guru 3x Wahay Jeo, 8x per breath. Also do this until you feel sleepy.

We know it\'s hard if you have an active social life, but please note that the hours before midnight are worth 2 hours of sleep at other times, so we suggest that whenever possible you try to be in bed by 10:30 or 11. Also, try not to eat a heavy meal at least 3 hours before going to bed. You might experiment with being alcohol free for a week to see if the situation improves. An overtaxed liver can definitely result in the symptoms you describe. Our Yoga Cleanse DVD would be very helpful with that. Hormonal flucuations happen often throughout life. The Your Life is in Your Own Glands segment from Fat Free Yoga can be very helpful. Also, the PM meditation on our Am/Pm Yoga DVD, done 11 - 31 min. before bed, can be very helpful for any kind of sleep imbalance.