Sitali Pranayam: for Self Healing

There are many techniques in Kundalini Yoga specifically for healing. We recommend practicing Sitali Pranaym which entails inhaling through a curled and extended tongue and exhaling through your nose, keeping your tongue extended the entire time. On both the inhale and the exhale
you can use the healing mantra Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. This means: Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity, I am That Infinity I Belong To and Contain.

Do at least 26 repetitions of this breath in the morning and 26 later on. You can build up to 22 and even 31 min.

We recommend ending this technique with at least 1 min. of Breath of Fire thru a curled tongue. To end (or while practicing sitali as well), you can have the base of the palms meeting at throat level, hands live a "V," framing the face, like the leaves of a flower.

Sitali pranayam is known as a cooling breath. It cools out inner anger, is said to lower fevers, detoxifies the body, and opens the throat center for creativity and improved communication. Also, according to yoga, the center line of the tongue relates to the shushuma, the central energetic pathway of the spine. When energy enters this pathway, the spontaneous healing is said to occur.

Sitali pranyam is also an anti-aging technique. It is said to cool out the negative fire energy which, according to yoga, causes aging.