Shoulder Stand Modification

The best modification for shoulder stand where neck tension is an issue involves the use of blankets. You can fold 1 or 2 firm blankets into squares and stack them. Lay on them so that the tops of your shoulders are even with the edge. Your neck and head should be off the blankets and resting on the floor. Come up into shoulderstand.

We suggest you avoid headstand until neck issues are resolved.

Any time tension is felt in the upper body, especially the neck, it means that the body is not being supported from somewhere below. You may need more work on core strength to be sure the neck isn't taking over the work other muscles should be doing. Please be sure your neck is relaxed in every pose. If you have our Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond we suggest you practice the "5 Tibetan" set. The Up Dog to Down Dog and abdominal exercise in that sequence will be good for you.