Seeing Colors While Meditating

Q: I have just started my Kundalini Yoga practice and have started to see flashes of beautiful colors while meditating. Also, I have been feeling a bit lightheaded. Is this all part of the same phenomena?

A: Seeing colors while meditating, especially while focusing at the Third Eye (not to be confused with retinal flashes which may require a visit to an eye doctor), is a sign that the Ajna Chakra (Third Eye) is becoming activated. When things like that happen it is best to simply acknowledge it and continue with your practice. Your new intuitive gifts will slowly integrate into your life. Very often we experience things such as you describe in the beginning of our practice when there is an initial clearing of various types of blockages. It is common not to experience these types of phenomena again (magnified) until much further down the road on the yoga/meditation path.

With regard to flashy (in your case literally) experience. Most yoga/meditation Teachers worth their salt, will tell you that they're neither here nor there.

In terms, of being light-headed, that may be because your diaphragm is a bit tight. Monitor that area and try to keep it relaxed throughout the day and during your yoga practice. Light-headedness could also be a sign that you're not drinking enough water.

When trying to decipher the causes for various phenomena in one's yoga/meditation practice, it is best to use the Occam's Razor approach. Start with the most prosaic explanations first. Everyone has an innate desire for the miraculous and people are often quick to embrace the most far-out conclusions. It is best to cultivate a bemused skepticism until time, space, and circumstance prove otherwise.