Based on intricate knowledge of where organs lie in the body as well as meridians, glands, as well as chakras and We feel a Kundalini Yoga practice with its breath work, spinal work, navel work, and strength work is a great modality in helping scoliosis.

A Kundalini Yoga practice for scoliosis would focus on strengthening the legs and pelvis which will give the spine a good foundation, strengthening and releasing the psoas muscle which will help align the spine with the legs so the legs can carry the weight of the body rather than the spine, lengthening the spine to reduce the curvature, as well as strengthening the abdominal muscles to take the stress load off the back.

All the breath work in Kundalini Yoga is very beneficial in improving scoliosis as well. Conscious breath work combined with the poses will help stretch intercostel muscles and get the lungs breathing evenly and open up the chest and back.

Certain alignment principles such as lining up the ribs over the abdomen, the pelvis under the ribs and the legs and feet under the pelvis as well as keeping the shoulderblades down the back (while drawing them in towards the front of the body) are important as well.

The DVDs and sets we recommend are: Yoga Bliss Hips (Down Dog is great for spine lengthening, there are also exercises for leg and pelvis strength, and psoas stretching, as well as breath work, and alignment principles). The Rise & Spine segment and the 5 Tibetan Set from Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond are important sets for you, as well as the Strong Bones and Muscle Tone from Yoga House Calls contains poses with similar benefits.

We recommend our Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: Stretch, Strengthen, and Be Stress Free: specifically the Posture Primer, Chair Exercises, etc. In fact the entire DVD would be very helpful for you.

An effective regimen should include stretching, navel work to stabilize the core and help you to find your center (this can be difficult to feel when the spine is out of alignment), and strength work for the arms and legs.

We also recommend our Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond. The first set will loosen and warm up, and help release your spine. The second set is good for core, arm and leg strengthening. Another good choice would be Ultimate Stretch Workout, though, any of our DVD\'s should be helpful

You can also try this technique daily: Sit on the edge of a chair or sofa with your feet flat and hips square. Raise your arms straight up, perpendicular to the ground. The arms are no wider then the shoulders. Palms face inward towards one another. The fingers are spread wide. Without lifting the shoulders, hold this pose, continuously stretching the spine upwards. Breath is relaxed. Ideally this is done for 3 minutes, followed by a 2 minute rest (meditation) and then 5 minutes. Obviously you can work up to this amount of time.

If anything you do, including what we have recommended causes you discomfort, then either modify the exercise or substitute a similar technique. It is important though, to consider the difference between discomfort and pain. Pain is to avoided but discomfort may be an indicator that healing is happening and that you should forge ahead.