Sat Kriya

Yogi Bhajan called this the Supreme Kriya. Sit on your heels with your fingers interlaced and index fingers extended. Raise your arms straight up with your upper arms in line with your ears. As you chant "Sat" contract the muscles of the pelvic floor as you pull your navel in. As you chant "Nam" release the lower muscles and the sound travel up your spine. There are many creative ways to do this exercise that increase its power. For instance as you chant "Sat" imagine that the sound is going from your navel to the base of your spine and all the way up your spine. As you're doing this imagine that you're dredging up everything stored in the deep recesses of your being: the good, the bad, and the ugly. As you chant "Nam" offer it up in the form of a lotus flower blossoming at your crown. Practice this for 3-11 min. Relax on your back afterwards equal to the time of practice.

Sat Kriya can effectively address our most stubborn blocks. Those old traumas and tendencies that are hard-wired into our psyche. It activates all of the chakras. It helps us to be true doers. It keeps us elevated and inspired. It does nothing less than kick out the jams! When Ravi was first starting Kundalini Yoga he was impressed by certain qualities in the Kundalini Yogis he met. It was the ability to be elevated and expansive and powerfully present and focused at the same time. He realized in retrospect that those traits are engendered through the regular practice of Sat Kriya