Q: Dear Ana & Ravi, Thanks so much for the newsletters with all the insights and down to earth wisdom which is so helpful and often makes me smile.

Due to the latest world test of the reactor accident in Japan I was wondering if you ever heard a yogi speak about certain exercises which might be helpful for people which have been or are exposed to radiation? This is not a new question on earth and a matter which concerns all - but especially friends in Asia & Japan.

It strikes me that radiation on some level is a physical expression of shifting the frequency and as this is the Yogic technology of ancient times I thought there might be a hidden solution already been developed? Somehow I feel all can be solved if we bring our highest understanding and knowledge into this moment. Thank you & Sat Nam

A: We are keeping Japan in our prayers! Yogi Bhajan said the Japanese people were among the best Kundalini Yoga students. They demonstrated pure devotion!

A good amount of Breath of Fire helps to remagnetize the cells and protect us from electro-magnetic pollution. Shoulder Stand with Breath of Fire, the extended exercises with Breath of Fire on our Kundalini Yoga Flow Bootcamp, Body Electric, Solar Power, and Am/Pm Yoga DVDs. Also, the Throat Chakra exercises (which work on the thyroid gland) on our Journey the Chakras DVD can help the body cleanse itself of radiation more effectively.

Mantras represent the subtle science of frequency and vibratory effect. Factor in positive intention and you have a beautiful and powerful tool for healing and transformation. The mantra Guru Guru Wahay Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru, is for healing and miracles. You can chant it in any melody. There is a version of this mantra on our Ultimate Stretch Workout DVD. This mantra means the Wisdom and Grace the Universe grants to those who selflessly serve Spirit. The highest expression of our Spiritual practice is loving and noble action on behalf of all beings.

The world is experiencing labor pains of the Aquarian Age. If we are lucky enough to be in a position to help ease suffering, in whatever capacity, then we should do whatever we can. The Universe will insure we have the inner and outer resources to fulfill our tasks.

As we are writing this, March 20th, 2011, we have gotten concerned e-mails from the West Coast re: possible radiation. What many people don't realize is that we are exposed to natural sources of radiation in the course of our daily lives. Sun, rocks, minerals, etc...give off varying degrees of radiation and most of us, know the need for sunscreen, hats and having your basement monitored for excess radon if local geography requires. We also are exposed to radiation from more unnatural sources as well from our electronic devices and more.

Re: Radiation from Japan: While there is no cause for alarm, there is cause for concern. In the event we need to realistically prepare ourselves for the possibility of increased radiation in our immediate atmosphere, then it would be good to take kelp tablets. Or you can increase seaweed in your diet by adding nori, or chewy dulse to your salads. This helps to saturate our most susceptible tissues with iodine which gives the radiation no place of entry. Liquid chloryphyll is recommended, as well as some form of garlic.

Anti-Radiation Meditation (and more!) from our Nov. 2010 Newsletter

Here is a Meditation which Yogi Bhajan taught right after the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor meltdown on March 28th, 1979. According to Yogi Bhajan, this meditation, can not only shield us from radiation, but can actually help us transform radiation for self-healing! This meditation was also used by ancient people to protect them from any destructive phenomena from the sky: hail, hurricanes, and lightning.

Yogi Bhajan often said that its important to live in a way that keeps us in harmony with nature and, that in India, it is child's play for any self-respecting yogi to be able to flow with the elements to protect oneself.

Mantras are more than symbolic. They literally vibrate Nature and the Universe harmoniously.

Have your hands (index fingers and thumb-tips meeting) at shoulder level, as if you are taking a double oath. Eyes 1/10 open looking down and in towards the tip of the nose. Inhale and chant (in a monotone) three repetitions of this mantra per breath:

Prana, Apana, Shushmana, Hari, Hari Har, Hari Har, Hari Har, Hari

Try to do this for 11 - 31 min. Prana is expanding energy. Apana is eliminating energy. Hari is Gods creativity. Har is Gods power. These complimentary pairs create a neutral space in which healing can happen and extremes can reconcile. Shushmana is the central energetic pathway of the spine and represents union of opposites.

Also, re: this meditation: It could be said that if you anticipate being thrust into a dysfunctional family dynamic (i.e., during the holidays), this meditation might be helpful in maintaining a neutral state and in diffusing negativity swirling around you!

Radiation from Electromagnetic Sources:

It is not possible for everyone to live in the woods and swear off electronics, but it is possible to routinely take simply precautions which can, over time, make a huge difference to our health and well being.
For starters, try turning off the TV at least an hour before going to sleep. Sleep in a dark room. If you have a night light consider using a red bulb (disrupts melatonin production less). Try to stay off of your computer at night. Sleep at least 3-5 feet away from outlets in use, or unplug devices near you. Don't sleep near your cordless phone base. Try not to carry your cell phone next to your body. Try to expose yourself to some early morning sunlight to stay in rhythm with nature.

*Note - The same exercise tips given above for protection from nuclear radiation, also apply to protecting us from daily exposure to radiation in our natural, as well as not so natural environment.