Preparing for a Post Pandemic World

We all wake up these days and experience the surreal sense of being alive during an unprecedented event. All of our basic assumptions have been upended. The first thing to remember is that we're yogis. To be a yogi means that we are conscious contrarians. Our sense of security is not dependent on the whims of circumstance but upon a firm foundation in Self. That sounds good but how do we get there? Picasso said that the genius is the person who can stay the course when everyone else is losing it. Some of us may be going through activity withdrawal. Some of us are feeling adrift without our well worn routine. Those of you who are heroic health workers may be completely overextended. All of this is what our Kundalini practice has been training us for. Life is all about ups and downs. We can either fight the waves or ride them. Getting in rhythm with life's rhythms is a function of awareness. In this very moment sense your Self. It's quiet. It's still. And it's complete. It's needs have already been met. It has no fear and no extenuating circumstances. It forever abides. It has given us an open invitation to live in its holy house. There is no special practice to sense the Self. All we need to do is to slow and quiet down. All we need to do is be. Allowing ourselves to simply be won't solve everything right away but it will set the stage for contentment throughout every circumstance. The pandemic is also prompting us to think about the state of our health. It's no accident that "kriyas" have always been such an important part of yoga. In this sense kriyas are purification exercises. Why do yogis place so much emphasis on internal cleansing? The answer is that we as humans have to stay ahead of the curve. Every day we need to try to eliminate more toxins than we absorb. Through conscious breathing and rhythmic movement we want to inspire our cell choir to sing the same song. Overall, now is the time to be more proactive, consciousness, and self-nurturing. And given that most people are not working, now is the time to start checking off your Kundlaini Yoga bucket list. That includes getting up early and doing a practice. That's how we move the Universe on behalf of all beings. That's how we clear subconscious gunk so that our Superconscious can inform our lives. That's how we put our ego to bed and have our Spirit awaken. And since many of you don't have to go to work, you now have the luxury of taking a nap afterwards. Let everyone know about the benefits of breathing. If your lungs are labored, breathing may be hard but it's the best thing for them. After all, our lungs have helped us to breathe for so long. Sometimes we have to help them. Conscious breathing makes our lungs more resilient and the life force the breath carries is the best medicine of all. What the pandemic is doing is forcing us to re-prioritize. As we watch the news we're reminded of how precious and precarious life is. Life is also incredibly adaptive and opportunistic in a good way. It finds a way to thrive. Life is Spirit and Spirit prompts us to evolve. Use this time to be productive. Use this time to morph into the next best iteration of you. Decide what kind of world you want to step back into. Be a catalyst for that transformation by shining forth. What will the new normal look like? Some people will do everything in their power to put the pandemic out of their mind and will be hellbent on making up for lost time by indulging to the hilt. Others will cherish life as never before and seek to be amazing. None of us thought that we would live to see the world so unified. The wave has ebbed but soon it will crest and it will be a new world after all.