Pran Vidya - The Wisdom of the Breath

We're all one breath away from Mastery. In the Aquarian Age we all have to be Masters. That means living lit up. To be a Master all we need to do is follow the protocols that been graciously gifted to us. One indispensable element of this precious palette is the multi-dimensionality of the breath. Breath is the Pavan Guru, a link between the macro and microcosm, Infinity and us. When we make the breath our Teacher and guide, nature and the Universe reveal their secrets to us. As we breathe the Universe breathes and there's no separation. In the yoga tradition knowledge acquired via conscious breathing is known as Pran Vidya.

One of the most powerful ways to access that knowing is the Minute Breath. It entails inhaling long and light for 20 seconds, suspending the breath for 20 seconds, and exhaling for 20 seconds. It's been said that as a result of this practice (31 min. per day) that "all of your previous incarnations will dawn on you," and you will be in the flow of life and existence.

Breath is a universal vibration. A steady stream of light and energy that feeds our soul. One of the great revelations in my (Ravi's) life was when I realized I could be doing mantras internally or chanted softly when appropriate, all the time: while driving, walking, etc. Recently an additional revelation: it's important to tune into one's breath all day long. Keep it light, long, and deep. Chaotic environments will cohere under the banner of that quiet flow.

The ultimate yogic maxim is: "Body follows mind and mind follows breath." Most people have no peace because their mind is in constant agitation. Conscious breathing is the surefire method to calm those roiling waters.

"When your mind does not stop and it's driving you crazy, just hold the breath. Your mind will come into balance. When you breathe out and hold it out your mind becomes intuitive. Life is as simple as the breath you breathe. Pave the way for your own knowledge. Each breath of life is a value you cannot redeem. Leave all questioning and answering and delve into the subtlety. In the olden days yogis lived to one hundred years or more while remaining young and beautiful. Your lifespan is measured in breaths. Every breath you breathe consciously is a breath gained. When Pavan Guru presides over you, all knowledge of the Universe, all opportunities and guidance are yours."

The Kundalini way is to live off our own (the Universe's) energy rather than live at a deficit which is not a sustainable proposition and as a result people often try to acquire energy via artificial means: substances and stimulants and/or need to rely on other people's time, money, and resources. Quite frankly that's bottom feeder approach and is a sad fact of this human experience for many.

Just as the Creator breathed life into clay to fashion us, so too can we breathe life into our life to fashion fulfillment, healing, and a fearless attitude. Breathe in long and light and exhale long and light. And again, breathe in long and light and exhale long and light. Let Sat Nam and the breath be one. Be a Pranee. One who lives by the grace of prana. Breathe and bless you. Let the Universe fill your storehouse with the golden grain of the beautiful breath's infinite blessings!