PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries)

Q: My accupuncturist told me the following which is so true, but I just don\'t know how to correct it: Medicine understands the disorder-- emotion cues are seen clinically just like any physical one, and an opportunity for a clinician to observe a place where healing is indicated, not to draw a judgement around. In PCOS, where women get out of sync and lose rhythm with their cycles hormonally, there is often an emotional trauma where the \"heart protector\" gets stuck shut and develops a closed door to outside influences. It often occurs when something close to a person which should\'ve been safe ended up not being so. Unfortunately this no longer allows a free flow of emotion, nor menses, nor detoxifcation, as things both can not come in or come out. As it goes on, it thus becomes a disorder that threatens one\'s capacity to receive. This is where the insulin resistance is explained: a block or shut quality at the cellular level. When a person\'s capacity to receive or release is curtailed. This is part of why I always begin with food as medicine, as it starts the simpliest message to the system that it will be nourished and can trust what it will receive. The idea is to open this up, unburden the heart, so the hormone might ultimately travel successfully in and thru, rather than being locked and on lockdown...."

A: I (Ana) do remember you and am so sorry to hear that you are having a hard time! I was diagnosed with PCOS in my late teens and really felt in a miserable state for quite a while! I cured it through a very conscious, healthy lifestyle and treating myself well. It took some trial and error to find the ideal diet plan for me (I now eat about 95% raw). I was always athletic anyway and loved lots of exercise, especially dance, but this is about the same time I happened upon Kundalini Yoga and I feel it was a big part of my cure because it works on so many levels from hormonal balance to the emotional. It took some persistence and time (transformation doesn't happen overnight!) but I am completely 100% clear of any symptoms of PCOS now.

In fact, I have cured everything that I needed to in my life from low thyroid, to insomnia, to acne, in the exact same way - with lots of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, hiking, and a fresh organic balanced diet. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves when we give them the right healthy support!

I started a raw food diet after finding the book "Fit for Life" in a
used book store. It talks about food combining principles and advises
only fruit before breakfast. So, in the mornings I began making myself
a big fruit smoothie. I felt so great that I continued to want to eat
light and fresh through the rest of the day so started making pates out
of nuts and seeds and adding more salads and other uncooked foods. I
have since refined my diet and add a raw protein powder and raw coconut
(to keep blood sugar levels stable) to my morning smoothies. I also
lightly steam vegetable such as broccoli.

You don't need to be totally 100% raw. You can start by slowly adding
more and more fresh organic food to your already existing diet and
gradually phase out the less than healthy stuff.

A traditional cure for polycystic ovaries, according to Yoga Bhajan, are pears baked with cinammon.

Studies do show that yoga does help with PCOS so we encourage you to keep trying. You mentioned pilates: Pilates is wonderful for strengthening the pelvis and core which gives support to the inner organs. A combination of yoga and pilates could be especially beneficial for you. Yoga will work at many levels that you need to right now from glandular to emotional and you just can't get that in any other form of exercise!

Re:Our Fat Free Yoga DVD would be especially helpful and is quite different from the Yoga For Beginners that you own.We also recommend our Yoga Bliss Hips, Yoga Beauty Body, Ultimate Stretch Workout, and Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: Stretch, Strengthen, & Be Stress Free.

Insulin resistance is a root cause of PCOS. We are sure you are already following diet recommendations for your condition. We suggest having a few raw brazil nuts (once a day) between meals to help keep blood sugar levels stable.

I know it is not easy when you are in the throes of a negative condition but remember that sometimes it is darkest before the dawn, and with the positive lifestyle choices you have had to implement you may end up healthier than you have ever been!