Panic Attacks

Often, panic attacks are caused by a tight solar plexus due to stress and emotional duress. It is important to maintain a flexible and free solar plexus because it gifts us with not only flexible bodies but free range of emotion and the ability to be more powerfully present in our lives. Most panic attacks are a direct result of tightness in the solar plexus and a persons hesitancy to let
this area release in an attempt to protect themselves emotionally.

Have your student practice this on a regular basis: interlace hands
over solar plexus: long light breathing: inhale puckered lips, exhale
nose. Time open.

We also recommend the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation which is on our Yoga Quick
Fixes and Yoga House Call DVDs.

Its very important to learns to monitor their solar plexus throughout the day and to cultivate a willingness to let this area remain open.