Painful Ovulatoin

Q: I suffer from painful ovulations that involve bloat, discomfort, fatigue and a general loss of focus, I tend to feel quite disconnected at this time. There is no underlying physical cause and I am in good health. I practice Kindalini yoga everyday and was wondering if there are any kriyas you would be able to recommend to ease the symptoms I experience at this time of the month?

A: We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing painful ovulation. It sounds like mittleschmettz (German for middle pain or pain that occurs mid-cycle). The pain is often due to muscular contraction as the body tries to dig deeper for fertile eggs. Or, sometimes the pain is caused by fluid or blood that leaks out into the pelvic cavity which can irritate surrounding organs.

In addition to your physical Kundalini Yoga practice, we recommend the Hands Like a Teapot Meditation which is on our Fat Free Yoga as well as the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation done with your eyes 1/10th open looking down and in towards the tip of your nose.

Also, as part of your physical yoga practice we recommend Navel Power 2x per week, Yoga Cleanse 1x per week, Yoga Bliss Hips 1x a week, and Yoga Beauty Body 1 x per week.

We also recommend minimizing potential dietary irritants- coffee, alcohol, refined sugar, simple carbs, dairy and processed foods. These types of foods can help exacerbate bloating and fatigue. We also recommend drinking lots of filtered water to help ease inflammation.

While it may not be overnight, Kundalini Yoga as well as a few simple lifestyle adjustments can have a profound effect in cases such as this. In the meantime, chelated magnesium 200 mg. 2x per day - or both at night can be helpful. You may also find resting on your side eases pain. And warm baths and heating pads are other way to help ease discomfort.