Ovarian Cysts

We live in an age when the cumulative effect of various stress factors in the lives we lead, lead to a wide array of health challenges. Conversely, the cumulative effect of the kinds of things we're advocating here can create a tangible positive momentum towards health and well-being.

A regular Kundalini Yoga practice will ease the symptoms you are experiencing. Progress can be sped up even more by making a few very important lifestyle changes.

It's very important to cut out caffeine (and all other foods / substances which create an acidic condition in the body: meat, salt, sugar, alcohol, overeating).

We also suggest adding more raw foods to your diet. Starting the day with a hydrating protein smoothie made with anti-inflammatory ingredients (pineapple, ginger, lime, etc.) would be a great start (see: the morning smoothie post in this archive).

A salad everyday and fresh organic fruits and vegetables as well as healthy fats such as avocados, and raw oils would be great additions to your diet.

Important supplements are calcium (1000mg), magnesium, vitamin D, B6 and an essential fatty acid.

In addition to whichever of our DVD's you feel work well for you, we recommend the Positive PMS section on our Yoga Quick Fixes DVD as well as the Yoga Beauty Body DVD. Try to build the meditation on Yoga Beauty Body to 11 min.

Here is a great breath meditation you might try: Sit with a straight spine. Focus at the Third Eye. Inhale in 15 successive breaths (sniffs really) and exhale in 15, all through the nose. On the first 15 part inhale think Sa 15x. As you exhale in 15 parts think Ta. Then Na on the inhale and Ma on the exhale. Try to do this very powerful meditation for 11 min. and slowly build up to 31 min. Do it 31 min. per day for 120 days. At the end of the meditation sit in silence for at least 1 min., focusing at the brow, breath long and light.

Also, for ovarian cysts, Yogi Bhajan gave the recipe of baked pears with cinnamon (not the kind on super market shelves, but the higher quality organic variety).

We don't know if you've been to a doctor to get your hormone levels checked. That might be a good thing to do so someone can keep an eye on your levels and to ascertain that that is what's going on.

We wish you joy, health, and abundant blessings!