An Open Letter for Men to Open

Note: this article was written with straight men in mind, but if you identify otherwise then by all means, please extrapolate.

Yo men: if we justify our actions by citing ourselves as purely biological beings, then by definition we are just animals. The Saints and Sages of the Ages tell us that it's taken many lifetimes to be in a position to move beyond animal consciousness. Retrograde motion is not a viable option. Being human is a chance to grow as a soul. Getting to be a human being is a total blessing and miracle and is not a given. Having been born human we owe to ourselves and other humans to act human.

As humans we represent a special circumstance. We are biological: logical and also bi-planes. This means that while we are earthly / material constructs, we also have an etheric, soulful, transcendent, and loving aspect. However, these higher traits are not a given. We have to choose to invoke them. If you're not there yet, then at the very least cultivate a code to live by until these qualities become second nature. Let part of your code be the recognition that it just won't do to disrespect women.

As I am writing this a father is walking down the street carrying his little daughter on his shoulders. Women don't need us to carry them but it would be a beautiful thing if we were to support their gifts and graces. Their ability to carry life and nurture life. And to recognize their strength and stamina in putting up with the hard realities that the male dominated culture has engendered.

Let us overthrow the archaic model that viewed women as if we are hunters and they the prey. That is a hold over from the old mindset that viewed women as a commodity like horses or acres. I think all of this started because fragile male egos can't quite abide women coming into their power and glory and so stacked the deck in their favor.

Much of the trouble emanates from the tendency for boys (and girls) to compromise their values for the sake of mob mentality due to social pressure. Good character, which is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and our kids includes learning to think for ourselves in spite of external pressure.

Men act out when they are paying pain forward because they feel dis-empowered themselves, because they have a serious form of OCD and because the culture so far has given us tacit approval to that kind of behavior. Ultimately everything comes down to a choice and you can't blame our behavior on anything and anything else. We still have to be accountable.

We also have to accept that what we do in the shadows will be illuminated for the world to see. The Universe is watching and in the Aquarian Age nothing will remain hidden.

As a man one thing we don't want to do is rile Mother Nature. When we harm, undermine, disrespect women then Mother Nature shows us no mercy. Mother Nature is not just flowers, bunnies and bees. It's the whole vast Universe. If we want to be healthy, happy, successful humans, we need her in our corner. For that to happen we need to honor her daughters.

In relation to women: be kind, be loving, be supportive, be honest, be open, be respectful, be non-reactive, be strong.

Think about your generational legacy. Be a hero not a zero. For starters be wiling to take out the trash everyday so that you don't spread it around. To accomplish this try Triple Kriya: 11 min. of Sat Kriya followed by 11-31 min. each of So Darshan Chakra Kriya and Sa Ta Na Ma

Re: Sex and Power. Whenever anyone, male, female, or other conflates sex and power karma is created. Living Dharmically means that our actions don't create suffering but diminish it. To get to a place where we can even be incentivized to live Dharmically we need to raise our consciousness. That is a day to day affair. Kundalini Yoga gives us the means to do that.

Many of us men have been acculturated in ways that enable the objectification of women. If we haven't done so already, we have to be willing to revisit our most basic assumptions. Everything depends on this. If we had to distill all of this down to one cogent statement then it would be: as women find their voice may men find their heart and soul and above all be noble.